Monday, October 10, 2016

The 1st Shower Run in Malaysia - Shokubutsu "Be My Reason" Shower Run 2016

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

Event: Shokubutsu "Be My Reason" Shower Run 2016
Time: 9 October 2016
Venue: The Arc Bandar Rimbayu, Shah Alam

Yesterday morning was a fun morning for me because my friends and I join the Be My Reason Shower Run 2016 by Shokubutsu. As you know that I've mention about this campaign before and even make a giveaway for my blog readers. This is to show a support for the breast self-check during shower campagin, in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month. As we know is a Pink October month!

Here we are! Everyone in PINK that day. 

With my best buddies. and we're ready for the run. Lari kerrr~ Hehehehh..

more and more picture are up!

The run is only 5KM . What only??? Ini pun I rasa kaki dah nak tercabut. Hahahaa..

And at the end on the run I'm showered with water and bubbles.  
Totally wet!! Air dia punya la kuat sampai nak bukak mata pun susah.. Hahahaa..

Ohhh MY! I look soo selebet/messy there!!!
Still wanna snap a picture with Beto Kusyairy who also there and join this run with his wife as to support this campaign. He really encourage all women to make a breast self-check into a habit. 

Anyway! We made it.... Yeayyyyy. Bertambah koleksi medal run I. After this I'm looking forward to join this kind healthy event even more. Need to implement a healthy lifestyle as well. 

This is what we get in the goodies bag yesterday! A month of essential supplies. Such a worth to join this despite all the fun run experience we also learn how important it is to do breast self-check once a month or every time in shower. Thank you Shokubutsu for this! Looking forward for more fun activity soon

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^