Monday, September 05, 2016

Shokubutsu BE MY REASON Shower Run 2016 + GIVEAWAY

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Today, I have a great info to share with you guys. It is a special where I want to spread the Awareness of Breast Cancer that also a concern to all women out there. Shokubutsu with support from National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) organizing a campaign Shokubutsu BE MY REASON Shower Run 2016. This is the 1st ever shower themed run in Malaysia. This run encourages people to run with their partners to symbolize their reason to staying healthy for their loves ones and be aware of the consequences breast cancer can do. 

I'm here to invite you to join this Shokubutsu BE MY REASON Shower Run 2016

DATE: 9 October 2016
TIME: 7.00 am
VENUE: The Arc @ Bandar Rimbayu

Registration can be done here

Here what you can get during the run. All participant will get T-shirt. medal, certificate and goodies bag (as in the picture)!  You also entitle to get a discount voucher of Mammogram/Brest Ultrasound/ Prostate Ultrasound from BF Healthcare Group and. 

Special for my blog reader, I'm here to GIVEAWAY 3 of lucky winner to join this Shokubutsu BE MY REASON Shower Run 2016All you need to do is

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DONE! You officially participated for this giveaway. Yuuhuu~


I will personally contact the lucky winner. Goodluck!
We will be running together that day cause I also join! 
Not only that, renowned Malaysia actor, Beto Kusyairi and his wife, Tisha Shahar will be joining the run session as well, **that also might be a reason for you to join this.. Wuuuhuuu~


Women know the danger of breast cancer and that early detection helps save lives. Women also know that breast cancer is the only cancer that can be self detected just by practicing a simple breast self check at least once a month after their monthly menses. Any unusual signs will then signal for the need for consultation with doctors. Sadly, not many women are practicing breast self check regularly at home.Therefore, this is important as to ensure that ladies recognize the importance and make a pledge to do Breast-Self check during shower not just for own self but for her loved ones. This is the time for you to explore the information and know about the awarenes. 

For more info, visit

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