Thursday, October 13, 2016

HUMAN NATURE Perfect Glow Mineral Blush - 01 Pink Bloom review

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Blusher is the one that must have in our makeup collection. And here another blusher just recently add-on my makeup collection that is HUMAN NATURE Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in 01 Pink Bloom. First of all, let me brief about HUMAN NATURE brand first. It is the largest natural personal and home care brand in the Philippines and also have the most number of NPA-certified products in the world! This brand offering products that are not only good for our bodies and our planet, but also make a huge difference to impoverished farming communities. Now this brand growing wide in Malaysia market. And I think I'm lucky to be among the earliest that get to try out their products. Heee..

This is how the blusher looks like. 

Packaging: It comes in a purple case with square shape I guess. I like the packaging so far. It also comes with a mirror and natural blush brush for an easy touch-up anytime, anywhere. Easier for travelling purpose as well. 
It is claimed to be 100% Natural product with a blend of natural Vitamin E and pure mineral pigments that give cheeks the right glow to enhance your naturally blushing beauty.

Shade/Color: The color is more like a pink with a hint of purple to it. The color is suitable for sweet makeup look and suitable for any occasion as well. I just love the color have no issue with it. 

Pigmentation: The color is not that pigmented but I find it is good thing when it come to blusher because you don't really need tooo pigmented blusher. make it soft and nicely touch it enough. 

Texture/ Finish: The texture if fine, soft and glide smoothly on my skin. This blusher not that powdery or chalky to it.  It has a matte finish with soft touch color. I don't have that much blusher with matte finish and glad I add this on my collection. This blusher works good on my skin even though I have combination skin type. 

This is how the blusher looks like on my cheek. It is a matte finis blusher that have soft touch-hue to it. 

Longevity: So far it last long on me as long as I did't remove my based the blusher still there. I can say up to 6 hours like that. 

I featured this blusher in my September Favorites post recently because I kinda like it okeh. This blusher can be used as for daily use or for any occasion. Plus it is travel friendly too!

Price: RM39.90
Availability: Human Nature Website

I hope you find my review helpful and interesting.

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  1. Eah harga dia murah. Dia finish nya matte ke ada shimer2 ?

  2. Oky matte finish haha mata laju sgt terlepas baca