Thursday, September 08, 2016

Lady Qomash Premium Printed Scarf - HOUSE OF ARTS

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

A Premium Printed Scarf that hits on market right now non-others than, Lady Qomash!
What makes Lady Qomash different from any other brands out there? It is an arts that printed on a shawls. Arts that draw by The Artist, Liyana Ahmad Zaini who also the CEO of Lady Qomash. Liyana was born in the cool late 80's generation and has been drawing since the age of 3. In 2015, she briefly dabbled for a local animation company, before spreading her wings independently to pursue her passion of merging two of her greatest loves, arts and fashion in a brand, Lady Qomash.

Lady Qomash is to be the HOUSE OF ARTS, by becoming a platform to showcase The Artist's Design vision through fashion. Lady Qomash is one the pioneers to produce apparels where all the prints were painstakingly hand-drawn by The Artist, before being digital scanned and printed. All of Lady Qomash pieces are of the highest quality, representing The Artist's true passion and works, and delivering premium pieces to all Lady Qomash fans.

This is their latest collection which is Khadijah and Hydrangea. Both are premium quality shawls with a great petals/floral design to it. Each design were draw by the owner herself.

KHATIJAH Printed Shawls
○ Bawal/ square shape, 110cm x 110cm
○ 100% polysilk
○ Retail price: RM 110
○ Comes with exclusive black Lady Qomash box

HYDRANGEA Printed Shawls 
○ Wide rectangle shawl, 180 cm x 160 cm
○ 100% polysilk
○ Retail price: RM 90
○ Comes with exclusive black Lady Qomash box

Here some good news I'd love to share, For those who interested to spread a love of art and fashion while gain some side income, here is your chance for you to join the growing Lady Qomash Team. Be their Agent!
○ Anyone can join - housewives, students and even full-time working reps
○ Very simple process where our agent market and sell our product on our behalf
○ We will process the fulfillment, packaging and delivery
○ No registration fee, no capital start up needed and no stock purchases!
○ Interested parties can e-mail their full name, handphone number, mailing address, instagram, e-mail
address and dropship

For more info, You can visit their:-
Instagram: @ladyqomash

I'm with The Artist, Liyana Ahmad Zaini a.k.a CEO of Lady Qomash

I really like the design of the shawls and the quality such a satisfaction! Worth to have. I recommend that each and everyone of you should at least have one collection of premium scarf from Lady Qomash, Once you get hands on this, you surely crave for more. As I was inform that, they also planning for another new and more design soon including garments. Really looking forward for that! *Excited..

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