Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo review

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As I mention about this product on my August Favorites' post. Here the full review of Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo . I bet every one know about this brand Etude House already and it is famous for K-beauty branding. Event the Famous Korean Beauty Guru Pony favorite items.

Packaging: It come in a foam of chubby pens with double ends. Brown is for contouring and shimmer white for highlights. It has clear cover so that you can see the color before use. 

This is the end of the twist. I think it is quite shorter than I expected. it contains about 1.7g each sides. Which I don't recommend to used for daily because it will finish at no time. Hahhahaa. *saving tips. But this will be sooooo useful during travel because ot will not used-up that much space. More like you bring a chubby pens with you when travel. Huhuhuuu..

The swatches of this contour-duo. I'm glad that this shades match my skin tone very well. 

Shades/Color: The sad news that they only come out with 1 particular shade only. Means that they don't have variants of contour shade. but I guess this will 80% match for all skin tone unless you're too dark this might not be able to pull-off as a contouring for you.

Texture: It is a creamy type of contour but not that super creamy. More like matte finish. Easy to blends but makesure you blends it well so it does not showing any line.

Longevity: It can last up quite long even for the whole day as long as you don't remove it. Do not showing any faded effect.

Here is where I want to share with you how I use this Contour-Duo
Map you face where to shape. Used the darker shade which is the brown color to cheekbones where it dip underneath the bones and you nose tip sides

Blends it. Properly blends that contour especially make sure it is blends well and avoid from the obvious drawing-line. Advice-able for you to blends on the contouring parts first then follow with the highlights. Used different brush if possible so the color do not mix-up or else, wash you brush very well. 

When you're done, you can proceed with your blusher and under-eye "baked" powder. Used loose powder to set-up the look. It seem natural contouring finish and I loike. 

Price: RM 65
Availability: Althea Kr.
***sometimes, they have promotion price. Do check them out..

I hope you like my review and this helps you either to think of trying this or not. All opinion are based on my experience and how I used it. Other people may have their own preferences. 

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    1. Mula-mula mmg mcm tu lis. After liz dah praktis and you just can;t get enough with contour! Trust me..Hihihiii..

  2. cantiknya pika! i've always wanted to try this contour stick tapi tengok harga kat store etude house tak jadi beli. nanti beli kat althea lah, harga murah sikit berbaloi nak beli banyak2 barang :)

    1. Thank you Mieza! HUGSSS! Hihihiii.. Yup, if beli dekat althea for K-beauty product sangat la berbaloi. Boleh serang Althea taw.. Hehehee..

  3. Nice. warnanya cantik, sekata dan sangat natural.