Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I've heard so many good things about this eyeshadow palette. Why people so crave about this eyehsadow palette?? My curiosity keep raising and I would like to try this myself. Actually I've been looking for an eyeshadow palette in small size because it is convenient for travel and easy to drag along where ever we go. I find that this eyehshadow palette has that criteria.. Jyeahhh.. The eyeshadow that I mention is non-others than TOO FACED NATURAL EYES EYESHADOW !

Basically what I can describe about the packaging it come in a small palette packed with 9 neutral shades. It is sleek, and come with mirror tin to it. In this palette you'll receive "How-to-Glamour Guide" to help you to create some looks with this beautiful shades. I rarely go through the guide book tho just simple pick what the best for me.. Teehee~

If you can see the this palette they have 9 different eyeshadow color. with 4 mattes, 2 shimmer, and 3 pearl finish to it, 3 of the color that is Heaven, Silk Teddy and Nudie are in large pan size with 0.07 oz while the other 6 color are in 0.03oz.

This contains 9 richly-pigmented shadow that can blend beautifully on your eyelid. If you someone who always reach for neutral shades of eyeshadow I would suggest this because this beautiful 9 eyeshadow will naturally make your look gorgeous for any occasion. You can wear for everyday look or even for a wedding or event. The color is more like soft and pretty but you can create sexiness look through it. I heard that this eyeshadow is best-selling at Sephora. WOWW! The packaging is in nude pink shades and more like a tin kinda compact packaging. It is really portable because it come in a small packaging compact like a size of a small purse. All shades in the palette is easy-to-carry. The pigments is rich and offer true color which is payoff! Each color is really blend-able except that, for me, I find that the Silk Teddy you need to blend over and over again compare to other color. Other color is much easier to blends-off. The texture of each shades is more like silky smooth formula.

Price: RM130
Availibility: Sephora 

Here the swatches for each color. Look at the beautiful neutral colors you got in one palette!

Here how I would like to describe on each color in this palette:-

Heaven is cream matte eyeshadow (0.07 oz). I normally will used this color as a transition color to the eyelid and as a highlight to my browbone. 
Cashmere Bunny describe as a taupe matte (0.03 oz). This is suitable for the whole lid color. 
Sexpresso is a deep brown matte (0.03 oz). Imagine you apply this on your crease. OMG! Stunning. That is what I usually do. Beautiful color for the crease. 

Silk Teddy more like peach champagne shimmer (0.07 oz). I use this color as a center color on the lid also for the inner corner. If I'm travelling and forget to bring my highlights, I used this color for highlight my cheek and nose as well. Hehehe.. Get creative I think!
Push-Up a light bronze color with pearl finish (0.03 oz). This is my top favorite color in this palette. Suitable for an event can create such a perfect eyelid color. 
Erotica is charcoal brown with gold flecks in it! (0.03 oz). Damn! this good for crease. That gold flecks is not to much, I can say more in minimal flecks lahh.

Nudie describe as fawn matte color (0,07oz). Good as a transition color and the whole lid. Sometime I used this color for shading my cheek and nose as well. Again! get creative with the color. it is not that limited for your eye right. Teehee~
Honey Pot a beautiful gold color with pearl finish to it (0.03 oz). My top favorite in this palette. The color and texture explain everything lahh. Cantikk sangat!!
Chocolate Martini is a deep espresso with hold shimmer. (0.03 oz). This color is like miracle for your crease! Cantik weyhh! another star for me in this palette. Thumbs Up! I like it. I usually match this with Honey-Pot. 

I'm glad that Heaven, Silk Teddy and Nudie come in large amount compare to others because this 3 beautiful shade somehow can be your contouring and highlight purpose! I'm so happy. I can go travel just bring this one palette because it has it all. You know what, sometimes you have to be creative and multi-use all the product doesn't me it is eyeshadow you have to use it for the eye. What I'm try to say be creative okeh!

Check out how Kathleen Light show how you can create a beautiful natural look with this eyeshadow palette. 

And this is how I create the eyelook with the eyeshadow palette. This is one of the look you can create. You can create more style for glam night or innocent-like look.

 Close up a little bit to the eye parts. Auch! I'm so in love with this. Teehee~

Overall, I find this palette is really versatile! DAMN I LOVE IT!! I love it more when a person you love give this as your gift. Thank you so much kesayangan for this beautiful eyeshadow palette. I've been wanting this since ever and he give this to me. Such a supportive person and understand what I like the most. Teehee~ I will keep this and use it very wisely. Hihihiii *asal mood jiwang ni.. huhhuhu

I hope you like my review and find this helpful for your. If you ask me, is this palette worth of hype?? YES IT IS. It is worth to purchase because you gonna love it and every single color in this palette is very beautiful where you can select the best for your eyelook. Suitable for the beginners as well! Don't hesitate if you have any question to ask or comment about my review. I'd be happy to help/heard it.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. aaaa pretty swatches! tengah kumpul duit tapi confuse nak too faced ke naked UD

    1. The color really pretty right! Both nice but Too Faced a bit cheaper compare to UD. But both have their own specialty gituu