Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Launch of Royale Orchid by Rosix Omar

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I was invited to join the launch of Royale Orchid by Rosix Omar on 28 April 2016 located at Tropicana Golf & County Club. Glad the event was located near my house area therefore I feel more than happy to join this event. The event were held exclusively that day. The food and service was good and I'm happy to be among the first to witness the launching of Royale Orchid scarves. A new exclusive brand for scarves in market now. The moment I arrived at the event, I realize that my outfit color match the whole theme of the launching that day. Teehee~

Look at the packaging for the scarves! So exclusive.. I like it!

Royale Orchid's scarves come in four different collection that is LAELIA (two-tones-, CATTLEYA (two colors), MILTONIA (three colors and ALCRA (printed). These four collections centred around attractive colors with unique hues, that can be worn during day time, formal events or fun night out. The material of this scarves is satin silk which it is more durability and suitability with Malaysian climate. This material does not need a lot of effort when styling it. Royale Orchid scarf comes in a form of shawl, making it easy for the wearer to style it according to their styles. It is suitable for non-hijab wearer as well, where it can make as a scarf, headband or they can be creative by experimenting different looks with Royale Orchids scarf.

Laelia is one of the most popular orchids because of the shape and hues of the petals. It is one of the easiest orchids to cultivate and able to stnad different climate without effecting the beauty of the flower. LAELIA collection takes the characteristics of Laelia orchid, where the petals have different tones and hues, trenslated into the design of the collection, LAELIA collection is a marriage of two tones from one single color, crafted for the convenience of the wearer to mix-and match the scarf with their outfit. 
Price: RM139.00

Cattleya is always being compared to Laelia, because of their resemblance and has similar features. The color, however, varies and the petals sometimes have two different colors, blend in harmony. Cattleya is aid to be more appealing, thus has often been called the Queen of Orchids. CATTLEYA collection is a combination of two colors, combining colors of different hues, creating balance and harmony, crafted for the convenience of the wearer to mix-and-match the scarf with their outfit.
Price: RM139.00

Miltonia is one of Orchid's collectos' favorites. it is one of the easiest type of orchid to grwo and identify because of the rich colors they have. This inspires the MILTONIA collection, as it centres around three different colors making it easier for the wearer to mix-and-match with their outfit. 
Price: RM149.00

Alcra is a hybrid between Miltonia and other types of Orchids, it is a bit different than other Orchid as some of the flowers have patterns on the petals. ALCRA collection takes its inspiration from the beautiful patterns on ALcra's petals, trnaslating it to design on the shawl. It gives freedom to the wearer to be more creative and make a statement with the shawl.
Price: RM149.00

What make Royale Orchid scarves different and unique is that these scarves has stunning charm, that can be attached to the edge of each scarf to create sophisticated look. Each scarf comes with an exquisite charm that is detachable, giving freedom for the wearer to style it. 

with the designer himself, Rosix Omar.

Royale Orchid is the brainchild of Rosix Omar, who has been in the fashion industry for almost 6 years. He is now based in Sydney, Australia and has been living there for almost 2 years.

If you are wondering why he name the scarves collection Royale Orchid? As we know that Orchid has petals different than others flowers, thus symbolizes exquisiteness and rare. The sense of grandeur of orchid continues until today, and it conveys a universal message of grace, beauty, strength, wisdom and love of a women. The regal feel presented by the brand Royale Orchid enhances the beauty and the exclusiveness of the wearer. 

Royale Orchid scarves are made available only at
Go and Grab yours now. Each collection is very limited. They will no restock the shawl once it is sold. See! how exclusive these scarf.. Can't wait to try mine!

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