Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bali Travelogue: [Day4] Wina Holiday Villa tour and Departure time, Bye-bye Bali~


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
I guess this is the end of my Bali Travelogue story February 2015. Hahahaa.. Almost a year and I finally wrap up my Bali Travelogue story. Sorry for this certainties. Well, on the fourth day at Bali which also my last day here. I feel so tired, all I want is just a rest. Muahahahaa.. Due to the activities and schedule during this trip but don't think on the wrong way, I'm totally enjoyed my moment there. Since this is the last day nothing much activities. We have our own free time to do anything according to us. So, on that day, after breakfast my dad and I decided to go around and pusing-pusing area Hotel Wina Holiday Villa located at Kuta, Bali. You can read HERE for the information about my room that time. I find that room quite comfortable for me and my cousin to stay. Now it is the time for me to show the outside view of the hotel. I will let the picture "talk". Hehehee..

*my dad pun suka bergambar okehh! Huhhuhhuhhh..

totally like the landscape design. Showing kinda Bali style. This mainly like an open hall.

decorative design nya yang sangat unique! 

*my dad again. Say Hi to him!

This is the path that I always lalu untuk breakfast. Syiokkk breakfast hari-hari depan swimming pool sambil cuci mata.. *ehhhh.. Hahahhaa.. Perut kenyang!

Here the main lobby.

The enterence. and the Van to pick-up us block the full view.. Err~

The street style. Kena lalu jalan ni dulu baru jumpa hotel Wina Holiday Villa tu. 

And, here we are! Ready to be departure back to Malaysia. Sobss.. Bye bye Bali~

By the way, Airport Bali or well-known with Ngurah Rai International Airport ni memang cantik and unique design luar dan dalam. Macam biasalah kalau dah masuk airport ni kena buat-buat tak nampak kedai2 yang ada sebab nanti confirm berminat nak beli T_T

*sedih ke nak tinggalkan Bali tuu? Hahahaa..

Ini dia.. Maggi Cup paling mahal pernah aku makan. RM5.90 okeh. Pastu Stewardess tu siap cakap maggi ni mahal sebab dia terbang ke atas. Muahahahaa.. Ayat WIN laa.. 

It's a wrap! Hahahahaa.. Almost a year but the memory still fresh in my mind. Ynag sweet2 je la ingat. Yang remeh temeh tu tolak tepi. Hahahaa.. I hope you enjoy reading my journey here. Sikit sebanyak dapat membantu. Kalau nak baca full journey click HERE. Hehehee. Siapa lagi yang dah pergi Bali? Drop entry korang dekat sini I want to read it. Siapa tak pernah sampai Bali. Makesure ada dalam list percutian korang k. Hehehee

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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