Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Icescape Ice Rink, IOI City Mall in Putrajaya


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
Last week on 23rd August 2015, I able to spend some quality time with my friend to Icescape Ice Rink IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. The last time I remember I play ice-skating during my school time and then non until now. Hahahaa.. It was hilarious and fun experience when trying to stand on the ice rink. Hahahaa. Since we both not expert with ice-skating so we're like "clown" on the ice rink trying to fit in our-self on how to play it right. Hahahaa.. So let me share with you a few things about Icescape. If you are first timer I hope this will help you. 
 Here the price for Icescape. Price stated already included with GST. 

 We rent a locker worth RM2. You must used this locker with care. Make sure you read the instruction first or not you going to buy another token like us. Hahaha. Kelakar jerr. 

 *adik tu mogok tak dapat air agaknya..Huhuhuuu..

 Here where you can collect your ice-skate shoes. You can step on the measurement provided. At first I'm try size 8/40 and not comfortable for me then I'm changing to size 9/41. I feel much better. Hahaa.. *Kaki giant betul pika ni! Makesure you choose the correct size kalau tak sakit weyh kaki, melecet. So, be careful!

 Tadaaa~ here is out first move on the ice-rink. Hahahaa. Funny because on the first round we only stick to the wall while jealous with those who can skate freely especially kids! Hahahaa. At the end we're just stick to the wall for the first round. Right after we finish our first round the ice-rink is closing for awhile to resurfacing for about 30 minutes. 

While we sitting and rest the we saw one family want to go back and we ask to borrow their penguins. This penguins is for kids as to support them to walk on the ice. Hahaa.. Muka tak malu betul.. 

As you can see in the picture my skin is really damaged by acne scars which I don't know how to hide it. So, just let it be. Rasa tak nak tengok cermin this time sebab nanti truma. Hahahaa..

And slowly from one step to another step we can freely skate in the ice-rink. Woohooo~
But wee still need to hold our hand and have to balance well. Great experience with great partner. Muahh!

attempt to snap our picture and thanks adik sebab photoboom gambar kami T__T

Actually, you CANNOT snap a picture in the ice-rink. But we selambek je selfie bebanyak. The guard will warning you everytime they saw you try to snap picture. Well, they just doing their job but you just sorok-sorok laa snap picture tuu. Kekekekee.. If not their photo booth tak laku lahh. If you want to buy the picture it cost RM30/picture and RM50/2 picture. As we already spend about RM40++ to enter this Nahhh, Thank you :)

Here some tips. Nak JIMAT better bring your own sock and glove. It is much better if you have thicker sock because less pain to your toe. If you don't have one, you can purchase at Daiso (2nd floor infront Parkson) . Only cost your about RM10 for sock and glove. Just some tips I can share and you can used it again when you come visit this ice-rink. 

I hope you'll find this tips is very helpful. Have fun playing ice-skating guys!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. hihi kalo sis tuh mmg tak boleh bediri la agak nya hihihhi :)

  2. Nk tanya, berapa jam boleh skating? Byr sekali masuk ke kena bayar per hour??

  3. Nk tanya, berapa jam boleh skating? Byr sekali masuk ke kena bayar per hour??

  4. Replies
    1. actually dia unlimited time. sekali bayar u boleh main berjamjam yang u nak.

  5. last few days ago pun saya ada pergi tuk 2nd time, 1st time dulu masa kecik time x tahu apa-apa. tapi haritu saya pergi, memang takut jugak kan nak main tp lama lama, kaki dah terbiasa and then tetibe rasa seronok main sampai tak nak keluar. Kitorang main sampai pukul 9:30 malam. Ada juga la , time jatuh jatuh itu. but it's just an experience to know how to be a professional skater