Thursday, September 03, 2015

Beauty: Current eye cream routine - ft. Estee Lauder, Olay Total effects and Clinique


Assalammualaikuam and Hello everyone !
To be honest, I'm still search for the best eye cream. Because my bigger problem is dark circle underneath my eye area. I'm having this problem ever since I was a kid. I don't know either it is genetic problem or lack of sleep. Hahaa But lack of sleep? pika? lack of sleep? seriously? Hahahhaa.. I love sleep! don't blame me. Hahaaa.. But I can say it was a genetic maybe because I saw my picture when I was a child and I still have the dark circle under my eye. But I still need to keep a good care for it. So, past a few months around 3-4 months jugak lahh. I purchase this eye serum and eye treatment. Because I think it is essential for me and I need to spend some for my skin. Start to spend wiser. Heee..

Here the theree product the I used.

Estee lauder Advance night repair Eye serum infusion (15ml)
This is the old version one if I'm not mistaken, They came out the new version. I start to gain interest to purchase this because I saw one article about this serum and I collect some money and buy this. To be honest this is quite expensive. But, I last more than 6 months. As for now it is been 4 months I'm using this but it does not reach half of the bottle. Since we only used one small dot to apply it. Thumbs Up for that. It is prefer to apply during morning and night time. What I can say for now I cannot say my dark circle are totally gone but it help lighten it a bit as not as darken as before. It also claim to fight any signs of eye aging. I'm still using this serum for now. I will try to stay loyal to it until the last drop. Hahaaa..

Olay Total effects 7in1 anti-ageing eye-cream (15ml)
This is the first eye cream I purchase. Last year if I'm not mistaken. During that time I don't do any reseach about this just going to Supermarket and saw this and grab it. The moment I start to used it well, nothing much different maybe because it is takes time to saw the different. As it is claim that it can treat dark circles, crow's feet and lines around the eyes. Even is does not show any visible result on my dark circle I still love using it because it helps in keep my eye moisture and help instantly evens skin tone appearance. It works better with my concealer. Well, I still need concealer as to cover up the dark circle. Most important that it is fast absorbed. But if you ask either I will purchase it again I think I will find the better eye cream. Hahaa. Because my biggest problem is dark circle so I need something that can help to reduce it even better and faster but for those who don't have serious problem with dark circle you still can try this. It is good as to moisturize your eye area and much cheaper compare to any eye cream in the market. But for now I still used this eye cream during day time. I will use until it finish!

Clinique all about eyes (7ml)
This is the latest eye cream I purchase recently. This in the travel pack, the small one. You can find it in a big size with 15ml. The reason I purchase this because I've heard so many good review about it. The cream is very lighweight and gentle to the eye area.  Once slightly get into my eye but I feel not irritation at all but tears flow out as to clean the eye. Thumbs up for that. The formulation of this cream is great because it is kinda cream mixed with gel formulation. It claims that is can helps in eliminated the fine lines around eyes and keep your eye hydrating. I used this cream frequently and now it is almost finished! Hahaha.. 7ml last about 3 months. Not bad. Since it is almost finish I start to used it during night time only until the last dots left. Hahahaa.

my eyes currently and of course with a light dab of concealer *lighting as well :P
As for the best result, you have to be gentle with your eyes. I normally used my ring finger, place the product on the ring finger and slowly apply sparingly to entire eye area start from under eye and circle out the rest to the eye area using a gentle patting motion. I hope this will help you. For now this 3 product that I used for my eyes and I'm quite okay and happy with the result but not 100% fully satisfied yet because still find for the right product for dark circle. If you have another eye-cream product that you want to suggest it to me. Just let me know because I'm still searching for the right and suitable product. Would love to try if it works on you.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Saya dah cuba Clinique All About Eyes tu tapi tak berkesan. Mungkin kena guna 2-3 botol kot. Hehe. Saya jenis kalau 1 botol tiada perubahan maka akan beralih arah kepada yang lain. Benefit Puff Off, The Body Shop Elderflower, The Body Shop Vitamin E dan Garnier pun tak berkesan. Sekarang saya cuba MAC Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream. Kalau tak berkesan juga, mungkin nak cuba Lancome Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ Eye Illuminator Youth Activating Concentrate. Huhu.

    1. Uwahhh.. Banyak nya product for eye cream. But to find the suitable one was difficult. Heee. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  2. hi syafiqah! I heard korea skincare, which is skinfood eye cream (sorry forgot the long name of the product), is actually good in reducing dark circle. it helps to brighten the under eyes and also works well with concealer. the only downside of this products is that its dont really helps in reducing wrinkles. maybe you can try this product. the price also very affordable. you can get it cheaper online rather than buying at their store.

    i have eye bag but i dont really bother about it hehe. all the best and hope its help!

    1. Hi, Uwahhh.. Skinfood? Okay. this is great. I'll try to search about it then. Thank you so much for suggestion :)

  3. tuh la masalah eye bag nih mmg kebanyakan problem utk perempuan nur pakai safi rania gold eye cream ok la selain murah berkesan ofcz eyebag tuh tak hilang tapi kurang sikitla so untuk eyecream drugstore brand ini yang best la :)

    1. kan. Muka nampak kusam je dengan bawah mata gelap ni. hehee. Safi Rania Gold eye cream? Ok, interesting. Thanks for the suggestion :)