Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WIW: Emerald green with soft purple


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Its 11 Syawal already. Left about 19 days before ends of Raya for this year. Teehee~ So far this Raya I didn't manage to go to any open house yet, maybe this week and week after might full with open house. Hehee.. I've gain weight back! Sighhh! I need to work out more after this. Since during fasting month I also gain weight. Normally people will lose weight but not me since my friend always brought me to some delicious place for breaking fast and I'm not control my eating habit with no exercise some more. NO WONDER right. Served you right pika!! Hahahaa.. Now I'm slowly try to control everything back. 
So, wish me luck,,Heeee...

Anyway, Here my outfit post. It is been awhile since I'm sharing any outfit post right. Hahaa. I'm wearing one of KZNabihah Esklusif Lebaran 2015. If you read my previous post HERE, I promise to show you guys my favorite piece of their collection. So here it is. Zara Jubah from KZNabihah. I love it honestly. I like the detailing for this Jubah. Well, I do some alteration for this Jubah since a bit bigger for me so I make it just nice and comfortable for me according to my body measurement. I love the material not hot or I can say it is suitable for our humid weather. The color combination also great. I just love how this Jubah is in emerald green and the detailing is more to purple color. If you interested you can check out on KZNabihah websites or go to their boutique available in Shah Alam and Bangi if I'm not mistaken. Go follow their instagram @kznabihahboutique for the lastest update. Better grab it fast before it is out of stock because normally their collection is limited. Hehee..

Outfit details:-
Shawl: Old Blossom Box
Jubah: KzNabihah Boutique
Shades: Cotton On
Handbag: Charles & Keith 

Till then, xoxo

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beauty: NARS Audacious Lipstick [Natalie]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
How was your beraya day so far? Mesti banyak pergi open house right?! Hahaaa. Have fun beraya everyone. Hehehee.. who love lipsticks? *SUDDENLY?? HAHAAA.. Put your hand up! Hahahaa.. Same goes to me. Boleh geng la kita.. Hahahaa. As to complete my Sunday, I want to make another lipsticks review and this time it is from NARS! Yezzaaa~ Who love NARS Cosmetics? It is high-end Cosmetics makeup that only available in Pavilion in Malaysia for now. One day, I was watching Kathleen Light's video about her monthly favorite on Youtube and she review about NARS Audacious Lipsticks that she rave about and I was tempting to buy one for myself to try it out. The reason is because she mention that this lipsticks is better than a MAC Lipsticks. I say WHATTTT??! Hahahaa.. I have to buy thisssss.. Hahahaa.. She nails it! always seduce me to buy cosmetics that I don't even bother to own. Hahahaaa. 

So, on February this year (2015) I purchase this lipstick and by the time I arrive at the NARS Store I was blinded with sooo many beautiful lipsticks colors for NARS Audacious Lipsticks. It come with 40 shades and 10 shades are limited that only available at certain stores/states. By the time I was there the limited color was Kelly and I only intended to buy one lipsticks only and finally I choose Natalie

This is how the packaging looks like. It is totally different compare to the normal packaging for NARS because this time it come with more sleeks and slightly bigger than the original one in black rubber casing. You can read my NARS Original lipticks review HERE. The packaging for this lipstick is totally new! It come with magnetic closure that keep the lipstick very well. A special embossed lipstick bullet, in mate-black metalic case with strikingly sculptural design. It looks luxurious. Yummeh! Hahahaa..  As I mention that NARS is a high-end cosmetics brand, based on the packaging I think it is kinda worth to own one at least. Heeee... 

NARS Audacious in Natalie is a medium pink-coral with warm undertones. I love lipsticks with warm undertone because it match with my dark lips very well. Ngee.. The color is describe as flamingo. Ahaa. I agree. I love love love this color sooo much! It is suitable with my skin tone. I like it when I apply on my lips because the color pops out nicely and pretty as well. the color does not give any yellowing teeth effect. It is a PLUS! Because I've tried several pink lipstick before that make my teeth seem yellowing which is totally NAYYY for me. Well, who wants it anyway right?? Heeee.. NARS Audacious in Natalie will give a semi-matte finish on your lips. Easy to apply and glide smoothly on lips. It is claimed that it will give a full-coverage color in a single stroke but this ain't works for me maybe because the color/shade, if I choose rec color I bet it will works in one strokes obviously. So, for this color/shade I need to apply for a few stroke as to achieve the beautiful color as my lips is kinda dark. The coverage was good tho as it able to cover all over my lips. Awesome! The texture for this lipstick is not to sticky or glossy and not to matte as well. It is just nice for my drying lips. I can say it feels luxurious when I apply on my lips. I know it is funny yo say it but it's how I feel. As far as I've tried this lipticks it last on my lips for about 4-5 hours. Yahh! it is not as long as I expected, or maybe I put so high-expectation to it. Sobss. Hahahaaa.. However the formulation of this lipstick is totally new. I've never seen or try any lipsticks that same with NARS Audacious Lipsticks formula. 

This is how the color looks like on my lips. What do you guys think about it? I just love the color!

I hope my review will give you some information regarding to NARS Audacious in Natalie and you'll fins it helpful for you. By the way, have you try any NARS Audacious Lipstick before? Let me know what you think about it. What shades do you recommend me to get after this? Eheee~

Till then, xoxo

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri 2015, Salam Kosong Kosong


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !


 Outfit details:
Shawl: dfashion
Necklace: Vincci Accessories
Dress: Cempaka Sari
*selipar jepun. Kekekeee

Uwahhhhh.. Sakan beraya masing-masing kan. Like usual since nowaday is social media in trending everyone want to share their Raya Moment with their love one. For this year, the first and second Syawal, My family and I only beraya at our home. What a different from us compare to the previous year. Basically, I can say that the moment Raya for my family is different plus this is the second year of our Raya without my mom. I hope you guys can sedekahkan Al-Fatihah for her. May Allah always bless her and heaven awaits her. Aminnn... Like I heard from Khutbah during Solat Sunat Aidilfitri last year, it is not good to celebrate Raya or Syawal with tear or cry. We should pray for the best and be happy as possible because it is the time for us to celebrate 'victory'. Thanks to the speach I come to my scent to realize "Yang pergi tak kan kembali lagi, Yang hidup ni mesti teruskan hidup". 

Anyway, I want to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all of you. Maaf Zahir Batin. Salam Kosong Kosong. I wish you all have a blast Raya. May Allah bless all of you. Here some sneak peak during my first Syawal. As usual during morning, we will go for Solat Sunat Aidilfitri at Masjid Kota Damansara. After that, Menjamu selera with Rendang, Nasi Impit, Ketupat, Daging, and Udang.. Yummehhh.. Malam Raya tu berhempas pulas mengemas rumah and tolong Kakak masak. Hahahaa.. 

 My first selfie raya

Family Portrait for Raya 2015. #teamcream

With le cousin, non-stop adorable Afrina Yayang.,

and the ladies on pagi Raya. WIth my Mak sue and family.

What a simple Raya for us. I know most of you celebrate raya with so much fun and meriahh.. I feel happy for you guys. I hope you will enjoy your Raya. May All ease everything. Amin..

Till then, xoxo

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Photoshoot with KzNabihah - experience for photoshoot


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Taadaa~ Presenting my super late post. Hahahaaa..Punch me now! Hahahaaa.. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll know about this. I'm doing a modeling job for KzNabihah Boutique like a few months ago on April if I'm not mistaken. I want to share with you about this but I keep postponed this post because to busy with study life. Hahahaa.. Now it is the time for me to share my experience working with KzNabihah. As I was called by the Owner, Kak Bihah herself ask me if I'm free on the certain date and I say I'm free and yahhh~ lets collab.. The photoshoot were take place on Snappix Studio located in Shah Alam. If I'm not mistaken it is during my mid-semester break. Yahhh! Ohh Pika.. why so late posting this post. Hahahaa..

This is my makeup look that day. I like it with full coverage ofcourse cause my skin not that flawless. Hahahaa.. Thank you to very talented MUA, Kak AtiHarun. Totally love this look. It's been awhile since I put on full coverage makeup and once I arrive at home aiyooo. very hard to removed it..Kekekekee..

The photoshoot were done for KzNabihah Raya Collection for 2015.
I feel so Happy to be featured as face for Eksklusif KzNabihah Lebaran 2015 Collection. I do love snap a photo for my outfit look but when you posing in studio is totally different. Hahahaa.. SLightly awkward because it is been a awhile since I'm doing a photoshoot on studio. Hahaha.. What a great experience. Alhamdulillah..

With Kak Bihah, Owner for KzNabihah Boutique.
Thank you Kak Bihah for calling me for this photoshoot and tak jemu-jemu keep calling me for photoshoot because I was so busy with my study life and I don't really have time to spend since I'm studied at Melaka. So, I need extra time, money and space to travelling to KL but when I'm free I'll be more free to join.  ;)

Here some collection they have. Very style and nice especially for plussize girl out there. KzNabihah is a plussize expert as they provided a very nice fashion for plussizes especially for muslimah. I have my own favorite which I will wear it on Hari Raya but hari raya ke berapa tu tak pasti lah.. Hehee.. Hmm..which one is my favorite? I will update my outfit post soon. Eheee..

Till then, xoxo

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shopping Raya at KL Raya Fest 2015 at PWTC


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
 wink wink ^_^

I think a lot of you already know about the last Big Event for Shopping Raya held by Mood Republik called KL Raya Fest! . This big event that get a lot of media attention and appear on News on Television as well. Wuuhuuu~~ This is superbig that make PWTC stuck in a jemm for 3 days in a row. Cayalahhh~ The event start from 11, 12, 13 of July 2015. This open from 10am - 5am!! Uwahhhh.. Lamakannn.. and guess what. I also manage to join this for shopping raya. I go with my friends a.k.a my bodyguard that night. Hahahaa.. Thanks for accompany me even-tho I know they will get bored at anytime but I'm wrong. Hahaha.. They also help me find the booth and boutique that I want.. I arrive at 12am roughly like that on the second day. The parking are definitely full so we need to park outside and walk right to PWTC,.

 Once you arrived, you need to write up some forms for registration and you'll get cop on your hand. My brother was shock once he saw the cop on my hand, he though that I enter some any clubs.. Hahahaa.. No lahh! I know you heard so many bad news regarding about this. SOme customer do not satisfied with this and that but well, this is very normal lahh. When you make a big evnts and people come from all states just to go to this event. Plusss they have more then 300 brands in one roof. Memang la ramai dengan Local Brand yg awesome nyaaa. Hahahaaa.. That night memang I went jalan-jalan sampai puas. I'm glad that I'm wearing my Converse Sneakers that night because I know I need to walk a lot and fast.. plus I need to get rush and bump with others.. FUHH~ Safety first ;)

 Taadaaa~ Damages that night! Hahahahaaa...
I manage to grab a few jubah and dress from Bella Ammara, Calaqisya and EDZ. I love what I purchase that night. Wuuhuuu~ By the way, Bella Ammara was hit that time. Sooo many people rushing-rushing and pushing-pushing in there. Kuat kan semangat jugakkkk lah masuk dalam tu. Hahahaa.. Glad I got one of their collection. 
Overall. I'm done with Raya Shopping.... I guess.. NGEE..

Thank you my friends..Sampai rumah je terus sahur.. Its okay. Sekali sekala plus I'm safe escorted by them. Excited wanna try and posing with all dresses I purchase. Wait for my outfit post. Wuuhuuu~

Till then, xoxo

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Beauty: MakeUp Geek Eyeshadow - Creme Brulee & Cocoa Bear


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Salam Ramadhan everyone. I'm back again. Ehehehee.. excited finally I'm finish for this semester. Now it is the time for me to take a rest and enjoy my holiday. Good news is that I will be back active in blogging. More time for my blog. In Shaa Allah. Just can't believe that left less then 2 days before Syawal appear. How fast time flies~~

Eheyyy! I'm excited to share with you guys my Makeup Geek eyeshadow that I've perchase for a few months ago from a friend of mine Taukey Wiida Ribbon for her @makeupcrime with her besties. I was eyeing for this eyeshadow for a long time and I've heard soo many people say a good things about this that makes me want to have it even moreee! I heard the most from the beauty gurus on youtube like Jackly Hill, Kathleen Lights, and Makeup Geek herself.  So, one day I decide to purchase them but the confusion is to choose what color will compliment me the most and of course I have to find color that I will used it frequently rather than I purchase some random color and I don't even used it well. Am I right? 

So, this is how the packaging looks like. It come in this cute packaging in a form of slim fit box. 

Here the close up to each eyeshadow

The swatches of this eyeshadow..

Creme Brulee - a medium sand color with soft matte finish
The soft medium sand color has a good texture of velvety matte finish. Perfect for simple natural look and daily look. If you're a in a medium skin tone like me this color will appear like naturally following your eyelid color with slightly color touch in it. This color also suitable for brown smokey eye which is my favorite to-go eye look when I'm going to any events or occasion. I prefer to choose brown compare to black smokey eye. This color is simply delectable. 

Cocoa Bear - Matte Reddish Brown
Oh my! This color is just what I'm looking for to apply on my eye crease area. Thumbs up! Hahahaa.This color is a warm and rich brown color that perfectly to be apply on you lid especially onto you eye crease. It will create a really nice effect for your eye especially for Brown Smokey Eye look. Or even you can directly apply to the whole lid and you're done !

This two color was a perfect combination so far. Makeup Geek eyeshadows is really highly pigmented. Each eyeshadow weight about 1.8g. This eyeshadow where you can choose suitable palettes such as Z-Palettes and you can custom your personal palettes. These eyeshadows are Talc and Paraben-Free. It also cruelty-free where they do not test the product on animals. I will get more color soon. In Shaa Allah! Any suggestion perhaps?

Till then, xoxo

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