Thursday, July 16, 2015

Photoshoot with KzNabihah - experience for photoshoot


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Taadaa~ Presenting my super late post. Hahahaaa..Punch me now! Hahahaaa.. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll know about this. I'm doing a modeling job for KzNabihah Boutique like a few months ago on April if I'm not mistaken. I want to share with you about this but I keep postponed this post because to busy with study life. Hahahaa.. Now it is the time for me to share my experience working with KzNabihah. As I was called by the Owner, Kak Bihah herself ask me if I'm free on the certain date and I say I'm free and yahhh~ lets collab.. The photoshoot were take place on Snappix Studio located in Shah Alam. If I'm not mistaken it is during my mid-semester break. Yahhh! Ohh Pika.. why so late posting this post. Hahahaa..

This is my makeup look that day. I like it with full coverage ofcourse cause my skin not that flawless. Hahahaa.. Thank you to very talented MUA, Kak AtiHarun. Totally love this look. It's been awhile since I put on full coverage makeup and once I arrive at home aiyooo. very hard to removed it..Kekekekee..

The photoshoot were done for KzNabihah Raya Collection for 2015.
I feel so Happy to be featured as face for Eksklusif KzNabihah Lebaran 2015 Collection. I do love snap a photo for my outfit look but when you posing in studio is totally different. Hahahaa.. SLightly awkward because it is been a awhile since I'm doing a photoshoot on studio. Hahaha.. What a great experience. Alhamdulillah..

With Kak Bihah, Owner for KzNabihah Boutique.
Thank you Kak Bihah for calling me for this photoshoot and tak jemu-jemu keep calling me for photoshoot because I was so busy with my study life and I don't really have time to spend since I'm studied at Melaka. So, I need extra time, money and space to travelling to KL but when I'm free I'll be more free to join.  ;)

Here some collection they have. Very style and nice especially for plussize girl out there. KzNabihah is a plussize expert as they provided a very nice fashion for plussizes especially for muslimah. I have my own favorite which I will wear it on Hari Raya but hari raya ke berapa tu tak pasti lah.. Hehee.. Hmm..which one is my favorite? I will update my outfit post soon. Eheee..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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