Monday, October 27, 2014

Foodies: Boat Noodle, Empire Damansara


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Since I update about Boat Noodle on my blog and instagram, my friends keep asking about this Boat Noodle and I decide to share this with you. Well, this is also my first time trying Boat Noodle as recommended by my friend. Last a few weeks, I guess almost a month my friends and I were planning to meet up since it is been awhile we spend our time together cause everyone is so busy with thier life and study including me myself, the one who was further than my home. We went to this place known as Boat Noodle. 

 We went to the Boat Noodle at Empire Damansara, which is the closest to our place. Tak payah nak pergi jauh-jauh sangat..ngeeheee..I can tell that the crowds on this place is impressive. We have to queues and wait to get a table. Well, it is depending on the timing jugak lah. We went after lunch hours that time so we have to wait for awhile. 

 Basically, what special about this place is that you can choose as many bowl you want. YES! as many as you want. Based on their menu is that they only selling noodles. Yahhhh.. No other food therefore the speciality on this place is their noodle. 

 I eat for 4 bowls. Yahhh! my friends and I we all order 4 bowl each person. we try each noodle which is chicken soup, beef soup, chicken dry, and beef dry. ! Don't think too much is that that we're super starving or what okehh.. 

 The reason we chose more cause the portion of the noodle is not that much. For me, I think in just a few mouthful it's already finish. Maximum you can go with 3 times mouthful for each bowl of noodle. The price for each bowl is RM1.90. 

So, here it is.. This is our bowls together. I guess this is the reason why this place name as Boat Noodle. eheee...

So, I dibuai perahu~

For those who like to try out something new you can go at try this place. For those who love noodle you may also try noodle at this place cause the taste is quite different I guess. Well, I cannot comment more on their taste or anything cause I'm not food expert. Ngeeheee.. That day, my friend and I we spend out time together cari makan. Yes! the whole day...I sayyy hancur diet I hari tu..

Thank you for reading this ;)


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