Friday, October 10, 2014

Beauty: NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Paris


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone..
I'm excited about this duo.. Woohoo~ I bought this duo like a couples few months ago and I keep playing with them and been carefully care of this duo. Hahahaa.. The duo that I mention is NARS Duo Eyeshadow. I choose shade Paris this time. Paris, just by the name people will know. Who does not love Paris right. I wish I will go there some day. Need more saving up to do but since I cannot go to Paris yet let me excited about NARS Paris. Yeahhh. Pardon my super bad intro and imagination. Okay, Let's proceed.... As you can see on the title YES! I will do another NARS Duo Eyeshadow that I have right now. This time it is in different shades of course...

Normally, when it come with eyeshadow I will choose someting more to natural looking like my favorite brown but one day I decide to try something else for daily look so I was looking for a grey or silvery shade and I went to Nars Pavilion and I swatch every color. The first that caught my attention is Surabaya (on my next wishlist. Will get 'emm soon). The color are really nice but when I think again I have a lot of brown color and I would like to try something else until I found this nice duo as I desired. First of all, I didn't plan to buy any makeup that day but this eyeshadow keep "forcing" me to own them. Hahahaa.. It takes quite a long time to think either to take it or leave it cause a student like me, this eyeshadow will definitely cost me and finally I owned them. Heeeee.... 

As usual, the packaging is like this. I LOVE the packaging, the design was sleeky exclusive that make me happy especailly when I put it on my vanity it soo beautiful. Goshhh, I hope you understand what I mean though. Hahahaa.. But I have some problem with this packaging cause this packaging it is like silicon rubber that makes me annoy a little bit cause if shimmer eyeshadow fall off it will stick to the packaging. Annoyedddd much! But it's okay I can simply clean it up agin but kena extra rajin lah.. Huhuu..

Product Details:-
Name: NARS Duo Eyeshadow
Code: Paris3
Shade: Silver Gray (shimmer) & Grey (matte)
Net weight: 4g
Price: RM120.00
Where to buy: NARS Store, Pavilion

Close up look the the eyeshadow shade. As you can see that the color are really nice together.
Left: The shade is Silvery Grey that come out really nice and it has shimmer on it.
Right: The shade is Grey more to charcoal kinda color and it has matte finish. 

This is the look on me that come out after apply this two together. Smokey grey eye-look.

If you notice NARS Duo Eyeshadow come in various combination that surprisingly unsual seen. Means that the combination is sometime rare and unrealevent I think. Kekekee. But as it claims that the colors won't necessarily have to match the traditional sense but the combination of color will make you explore the different ways of using the two shades together. NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Paris has a good combination of shades compare to the others. This duo eyeshadow are pretty nice and the color also more to basic. The color of True Matte Grey and Shimmery Silver Gray perfectly to combine of thise shade and you can make like smokey eye look for night time or if for day time, you can choose one of this color and simply apply it on so it does not look so heavy. I would prefer to used a single shade in a day time and my choice is True Matte Grey shade. As usual, if you want a better effect and lasting period you can apply your eye primer first to ensure that the eyshadow will stay put all day long. The color pigmentation are also nice, it is not hard to swatch them like any other Nars Eyeshadow that I have tried this shade are really buildable and consistency. The eyeshadow is bendable you just have to play with them more frequent to balance the consistency. The color will be different in each skin tone but I have no problem with that cause it match my skin tone very well. By the way, my skin tone is more to medium warm asia skin. Yeahh. 

This duo are super cool for smokey look! 

Overall, I think this duo was pretty together. To be honest on my opinion some of NARS Duo eyehsadow have a combination that does not make any sense. Hahahaa.. So, you have to choose what it is worth to have, the color that you desired and the consistency cause I notice some of it are more chalky. If you would love to try some of NARS eyehsadow I would recommended this shade. But makesure you make a lot of saving cause I do and I need to saving more after this !

Thank you for reading this ;)

xoxo from Pika