Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beauty: MAC Matte Lipstick in Please Me


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I wanted to introduce to you my second love from MAC that is MAC Lipstick in Please Me. I bought this lipstick at MAC Store Pavilion on June 2014 if I'm not mistaken and I know this color is quite famous and chosen by many beauties out there. So, I decide to owned one as well. Heee...I am a fan of matte lipstick because normally when you apply matte lipstick they stand to stay longer on you lips compare to any other formulation. I also have a problem of dry lips and sometimes when I apply lipstick it seem cracked or line effect something like that but since I love matte lipstick so I have to apply lip balm/ lip treat before apply this matte lipstick. Well, everything comes with pros and cons right. It is up to your decision to have one or not. 

As usual, the packaging of this lipstick come in a black tube with a shape of bullet. I like the packaging and I can imagine how beautiful it will be if all the MAC Lipsticks are arrange on the lipstick holder. Wahhhhh! Do you know what I meant right? Hehee..

I love love the color !

Product details:-
Product Name: MAC Matte Lipstick
Code: Please Me
Shade: Rosy Candy Pink  [Matte]
Net/Quantity: 3g

So, here the swatch of the lipstick. What do you think of the color? I totally like emm!

This lipstick is light-medium pink or more like rosy candy pink color in matte formula. Most matte formula lipstick form MAC they are really mate so you have to apply a bit of lip balm or lip treat so the lipstick can glides on your lips easily. The color is more pink yet no soo barbie pink which I love it even more. The formulation of this lipstick is slight creamy compared to the MAC Matte Chilli I owned. The texture of this matte and creamy I can tell. So far as I have tried this, the color can last up to 4-  6 hours. The pigmentation is moderately high. As for the fragrance, it smell like candy-like smell just nice especially when you apply on your lips. But, I have slight problem with this is that it form a "line" on my lips after a few hours of wearing or sometimes right after apply it. I don't know if it is my lips problem or maybe it react the same with others as well. But I still can ignore it because the color really beautiful. I'm not recommended this for those who picky have super dry lipstick maybe you can choose other colors and formulation that will treat your lips better. Heee...

*but I heard MAC Lipstick now RM70

Where to Buy:-
MAC Cosmetics Stores

Here some picture of me apply the Mac Matte Lipstick in Please Me.
The left picture is when I went to Cik Epal's Wedding and the right picture is during Hari Raya 2014 recently

Actually my next wishlist of MAC Lipstick is Kinda Sexy also from matte range cause I like the color but I think it will give the same effect as the please me so I decide that I won't buy that color instead and find another alternative or find some dupe of that color. What color should I try next? Do you have anything to suggest to me? Let me know on the comment box down below yahh.. Muchogracias !

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  1. I like to see people apply matte lipstick but since I have dry lip problems, so I need to treat it with moist based lipstick.. And as for me, I love nude colour.. It gives me the fresh natural looks.. But thinking of trying red chili after this.. Hehe..
    Rosmiza Ali Official Blog™

    1. Yes, go ahead an try the Chilli from MAC. The color is beautifuly bright. Worth of every penny :)

  2. nampak innocent sangat cik molek ni. :) hehe. kinda sexy looks almost similar to my MAC enchanted. I have swatched them two side by side. try ruby woo, worth to buy. lepas beli mac , minta sample one item! hahaha such as foundation / primer. hahaha. kata nak try! hehe . MAC MATTE lipsticks semua lawa2. wiida nk collect semua! insyaAllah. need to earn more money. business-business! haha

    1. Hehee..Thanks Wiida :)
      Okay menarik! Pika pun if ada rezeki lebih memang nak collect semua.
      wahhh, untung wiida sekarang dah ada business makeup2..bestnyaaa..hehee..

  3. W/pun packaging MAC ni macam simple tapi dia ada keistimewaannya. OK, saya boleh bayangkan jika semua lipstick MAC tersusun, fuhh best giler!! Saya suka lipstick MAC jenis Matte. Ramai kata jenis matte ni membuatkan bibir kering tapi saya tidak. Mungkin sesetengah orang je kot. Saya tengah 'kumpul' lipstick MAC. Hehe. Oh ya, sekarang harga lipstick MAC dah naik menjadi RM70. Ouchhh!! Kena saving ni. :D

    1. Yes.. lawakannn..heheee! yes, MAC Lipsticks dah naik RM70. kena save up lebih sikit. hehee..