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Product Review: Cosmoderm Tea tree Oil Anti Blemish X-press


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Problem with acne and oily skin that always a concern for any women in Malaysia especially with Malaysia humidity not just a concern towards a women it also concern for a men..I tend to have problem with acne during my period time..ever since I started my period my pimple always pop out when my period coming and  guess it is hormone problem..however this problem can be solve by using the correct product for your skin care..

Why Suffer Acne??

Let me introduce to you about his Tea Tree Oil Anti Blemish X-press..

The product come in the box and with some direction of using the product..

Products Details:-
Product Name: Cosmoderm Tea tree Oil Anti Blemish X-press
Net/Quantity: 10 ml
Made in: Malaysia

Not tested on animals
For external use only
Made in Malaysia
Get Certificate of Halal from JAKIM and GMP

Excessive sebum, dead skin cells impurities and bacteria will lead to pimples, acne and blemishes.. Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Anti Blemish X-Press exclusive formula is a special blend of few Tree Oil, Cinnamon and Burdock extracts.. Formulated for quick results to clear pimples, blackheads and white heads while unclogging pores and remove dead skin cells to prevent future breakouts.. With Anti fungal and Antiseptic properties to treat acne causing bacteria while Antioxidant properties protect skin from damaging UV rays and other pollutants and effectively fight inflammation to reduce redness and able to heal damaged skin naturally..

Finally I found something that useful for me..Well, I obviously have a problems with acne..I don't have flawless skin like others..yes, I admit it but I really want to improve my skin so a few step must be of it using a correct product..I normally apply this product after I remove my makeup and wash my face during night and apply my night cream and together with this tea tree Oil Anti Blemish X-Press..Apply a thin film of Tea Tree Oil Anti Blemish X-press gel to affected area twice daily after cleansing with tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser...Use Anti-blemish x-press with hight of extract of Tea Tree Oil that functioning more effective as fast as 3 days..This is also suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin..This product is antibacterial, Anti inflammatory, Anti oxidant, and Hypo-allergenic

It functioning to clean > repairs> purifies

Please consult your Pharmacist for more information and advice 



Where to Buy:-
Guardian, Vitacare, Alpro, Agent Retailer, or

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Product can help you to improve your skin and help to remove acne problems and oily skin..

I currently consume Cosmoderm Tea Tree Range Product..So far, Alhamdulillah :)

 join this contest by Cosmoderm just simple share a picture of you BEFORE and AFTER using Tea Tree Cosmoderm to show your transformation of using the products from Tea Tree osmoderm..

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  1. agreed. so far, this product is the best compare to the other drugstore's spot treatment >,< . Just...just I wish they have it in bigger size..7cm tall product + 10 mL doesn't last long for me (since I have almost regular breakouts =,=)