Saturday, May 03, 2014

Product Review: ColourVUE Contact Lens [ Dolly Black] from Mr.Lens


Hello Sweeties,

It is been awhile since I do a contact lens review..
I was lucky because since my current contact lens will end by this month [April] and I got a pair of contact lens from MrLens..Thank you soo much The Butterfly Project  for this opportunity..What a great timing..hehehee.. The contact lens I received were sealed in air-tight mini is safely arrived and the items are in good condition..I choose ColourVUE Contact Lens in Doll Black...

Order from MrLens, I can easily choose my favorite colour and choose my power
ever since I do check up for my eye from the expert I got notice that my power for each side are different so I have to choose 2 same type of contact with different power..This is to secure my eyesight and for healthy & safety..I think it is much convenient because I can save the other pair for next 3 month..

Product Details:-
Product Name: ColourVUE Contact Lens
Code:  Dolly Black
Shade/Color: Pure Black
Power: -1.75 [R] / -3.50 [L]
Diameter: 14.0 mm [55% water content]
Made in: Korea

This is how the contact lens look like in close up has some 'petals' design on in but once your wearing it the design is invisible its gonna look like plain black..

This is me wearing the ColourVUE Contact Lens in Dolly Black..
What do you think?

What I like about this contact lens is because the lens are comfortable..The diameter was good for me because I don't really like contact lens with big diameter.. I gonna look so freakin' weird dolly look on me..hahahaa..and I prefer contact lens with natural diameter as for this contact lens the diameter was 14.0 mm.. It suitable for those who looking for contact lens with small diameter and look more natural on your eye compared to others dolly contact lens..This contact lens is a natural looking coloured eye contact lens..These suitable for dark or light coloured eyes..It claims that the colours will blend with your original eye colour without creating a drastic colour change..I normally wearing contact lens for 8 hours and this lens stay put on my eyes..well, it prefer for you to remove your contact lens after 8 hours of use..


Where to Buy:-

MrLens provide FREE Delivery within Klang Valley and for those who don't like to wait for their contact lens to arrive late you can go ahead to MrLens websites NOW because the delivery only take about 2-3 days only [according to stocks availability]. Not just that, MrLens website is also helpful and you can easily choose your favorable contact lenses or event glasses..MrLens is a Swiss base company that sells and ship major brands of contact lenses all over the world..

Choose your favorite contact lens from Mr.Lens NOW
It is so convenient and easy :)

Go check out Mr.Lens:-

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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