Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beauty: Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (Ultra Matts V1)


Hello Sweeties,

I got this eyeshadow palette last year..I decide to make a review for this eyshadow palette..
the reason I buy this eyeshadow palette because I never had a very colourful eyeshadow before this I tend to get natural or earth warm colour during that time there a sales on Luxola Page..ngehehehee :P

As I mention earlier this is my first colourful eyeshadow palette..when it arrive I was so excited to experiment it and satisfied with the result..I will show you later on..but first let me go for a small introduction for this product and proceed with my review and impression....

This is how the packaging looks like..The packaging of this eyeshadow palette really nice it comes with a sleek black matte casing..I love the colourful box as well..very colourful! hehehe... 

Product details:-
Product Name: Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Code: Ultra Mattes V1
Shade: refer to colour description below
Net/Quantity: 12 x 1.1g
Made in: UK

Inside it has a mirror on the lid and has duo felt eyeshadow applicator..

This come the transparent sheet that cover the eyeshadow pan and have names on to describe the colour code.

Color description:-
Chill - more to aqua shade and soft
Pout - Variant hot pink
Sugarlite - more to lavender purple
Dragonfly - Bright green shade
Pucker - another variant hot pink colour but darker
Bammi - variant Yellow
Cricket - lighter green shade
Bolt - cobalt blue 
Strike - Orange red shade
Floss - pastel pink colour
Crete - pastel light grey colour
Pow - white pure colour

ZOOM IN the 12 colours of Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Ultra Matts V1...

The swatches for eye colour according to the eyeshadow palette position.. 

As stated this eyeshadow colour all matte and it comes with 12 various type of colourful colour! Usually when it come with matte eyeshadow people will think that it tend to be chalky finish but this eyeshadow not like that.this is a mineral-based is smooth and suitable for creating multi-dimensional eye looks...The pigmentation of the colour are different because certain colour might suitable for your skin tone but some might not suitable..It depends..For best result apply eye primer..This eyeshadow suitable for those who love for experiment..It has a very bold and bright colour for eyeshadow..Since this is all matte finish it will be good if you apply your eyeshadow primer..This eyeshadow texture a really smooth..easy for you to apply and blends well..the colour is totally pay off..


Where to Buy:-

What do you think of my experiment on this colourful eyeshadows?? YEYY or NEYYY
This is what I do when I tend to get bored and I love to experiment and try out my beauty products..pardon my serabut eyebrows..hehehee..ohh yahh..if you want the colour be bold and stay put dont forget to apply primer..

This is my second Sleek Eyeshadow palette that I have..I totally love Sleek eyeshadow and would like to recommended this for beginners..This also suitable for someone who looking for a good quality eyeshadow yet affordable to have..Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadows Palette have various types..go check out my review about Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in SUNSET...Hope you like my review..

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. i think i am biased but my love is forever for the blue and purple combination, hehe! cantik Pika buat semua :D

    1. yes..pika buat semua..hehee..experiment experiment kan eyeshadow tu..kekekee...

  2. yey...cantik lah kombinasi kaler tu. serius.

  3. cantiknya warna2 dia, serius cantik..:)