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Blogger Trip to Spritzer Factory at Taiping, Perak


Hello Sweethearts!

What are you up to this weekend? I know now the most big issue in Malaysia about the Missing Plane of MH370..there is a lot a speculation about it..but please stop doing your own speculation..the most important right now we just have to pray for them..Amin..

Actually I want to share about last weekend stories..Last Saturday on 1st of March 2014, I was able to join Blogger Trip to Spritzer Factory at Jalan Air Kuning Off, Taiping Perak.This is a really good experience for me because I was able to meet more Malaysian bloggers from different type..What I mean is the type of their writing..most of them are famous and full-time blogger,,,I think about 20 bloggers are able to join this Blogger Trip that time..and for me, This is the first Blogger Trip for this Year of 2014..I hope there will be more Blogger Trip I will joined in future..InShaaAllah...

Before we start, let me show you a picture of me holding a Spritzer Bottles ! Gedikks! HAHAA..

We arrived at Spritzer Factory around 12 if I'm not mistaken..

we are warmly welcomed by Spirtzer's staffs 
The first thing first of course the Spritzer's Staffs start to give a brief and introduction about Spritzer to us..and show a proper slide and video..As they mention that they have nothing to hide and thay always welcomed everyone to come personally and visit the Spritzer Factory..just make a formal letter to them and they will definitely welcome you at anytime :) 

This is the Award that Spritzer got..Always the Trusted Brand !!

Spritzer Mineral Water is a Product that contain High OSA..OSA stands for Acis Ortosilisik which able to trap the absorbs of aluminium contain on your body and also able to avoid from Alzheimer diseases..In 1.5l of Spritzer Mineral Water contains about 30mg OSA...this is definately good for your body health..Another benefits drinking Spritzer Mineral Water are you will able to get a strong hair, nails, nice skins and good for you bones as well!!

Spritzer Product..As you can see, Spritzer have many products they provide not just a mineral water but they also have different types of drinking water...Spritzer also have different product like Pop, Tinge, Fibre, Cola and Sparkle ..they all taste should try it !! 

The Factory visits BEGIN !!

Group Photo first!

We are able to get a view and visit around the Spritzer Factory area...

we are heading to each Water Sources that have at the Spritzer Factory.If I'm not mistaken they have around 10 water sources and they still keep searching for more to produce more minerals water for consumers!

This is one example for each Water Source..I know what are you thinking right now..Where?? Where is the water source?? I can't see non.... =..="  hhahahaa..Same goes to me when I first arrived at this place..
As I've been told that the Water Source was excavated to a depth of 400 feet [400 kaki kedalam bawah tanah ]..and Of course If we want to enter this place we have to follow the suitable dress code with complete equipment..

some brieft and information given by the Spritzer staffs...

With Ezzy Si Pengemar Kuning..Kami ada owner kepada Myvi Kuning giteww..Hahaa..

 Deq Noor in the house..

with Daddy Fisha, Bro Framestone..
Big Thank You to Bro for invite me to join this Trip..

Next we are heading to the Processing Factory which they show us on how the Bottles for the drinking water are made..BUT the thing is we aren't allowed to bring our camera at this area [NO CAMERA].. means that No Picture are taken during this time..but to be able to see on how the bottles are made are really interesting..everything are done by the machine..

Group Photo session 

I know and notice that there is an issue about the Spritzer Factory are near to Kubur China and so be honest, I saw non in the Factory..and after the trip they take us to the Kubur China are is actually quite Far from the Factory..don't mention about next to and beside because it is quite far and the water source definately further than the Kubur China area..So no worries or 'was was' on drinking Spritzer water because it is safe and HALAL!! so, drink more Spritzer Water later on..Okay??

Thank you to Spritzer staff for warmly having us visit this factory and share some information about Spritzer..
and also Thanks for the goodies bag and gift..HAHAHAA..I rembat semua jenis Spritzer Drinking water..! JYEAHH..

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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