Saturday, January 07, 2023

The Viral HALAL Mala Hotpot is now opening at IOI City Mall

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Mostly Muslim are curious about the taste of Mala Hotpot but not anymore! Now EVERYONE can enjoy the authentic representation of Sichuan cuisine, the delicious Mala Hotpot with premium HALAL certified ingredients sourced locally and from Mainland China. Woohoo~

My first experience try Mala Hotpot was at 1Utama Outlet and I was surprised by the tastiness of it. The soup tastes like something I’ve never try before, and it is definitely different from any other hotpot places. My video also went viral on TikTok after sharing my experience trying the Mala Mini Hotpot. You can watch the video here Worth the hype!

The Mala Hotpot soups recipes are based on authentic Sichuan hotpot cuisine from the era of the Republic of China. But what makes Mala Mini Hotpot special is that they cultivate Sichuan hot pot cuisine with Halal ingredients so they can introduce it to Muslim people. I truly love this idea! 

The authentic Mala Soup has a strong, spicy, and numbing taste. Hence, there are various tales that have been told about the origin of Mala Hotpot. This tale is widely circulated and generally accepted. The hotpot broth recipe is specially made from imported spices like Sichuan Peppercorn and ingredients from Mainland China, bringing a whole new level of flavours to Malaysians.

Recently they opening their PREMIUM OUTLET in IOI City Mall where they add its repertoire of food outlets serving authentic halal Sichuan mala to all Malaysians. It offers a dine-in experience completely immersed with all elements of Sichuan culture. 

The outlet’s décor and authenticity in ambience will take one on a unique dining journey as if having a mala hotpot in Sichuan, China, itself. Topped with quality service, customers will keep coming back for more mala goodness at Mala Mini Hotpot Premium Outlet

The deliciousness and tongue-numbing flavours of mala to be paired with a wide selection of hotpot ingredients with different choices of meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles and more they can customise to their preferences, making each dining experience at Mala Mini Hotpot Premium Outlet a different one each time they visit. 

Below are the Mala Hotpot MENU list at the Premium Outlet IOI City Mall. 

Currently, there are five Mala Mini Hotpot Express located in the food court section of popular malls throughout Klang Valley – Aeon Shah Alam, One Utama, Alamanda, i-City Shopping Mall and Pavilion Bukit Bintang. You can go to the outlet near you. 

My personal opinion, I think you should try this at least once! Hahaa.. But the thing is.. Once you try it, you will crave for it more! Hahhaaa.. I even share this to my friends and now they are joining me craving for it as well. 

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