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The Face Shop Yehwdam Artemisia Soothing | review

 Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

As we know that Malaysia's weather is humid & hot most of the time and unfortunately we can't escape from the sun and heat forever because.. It is what it is.. We can't change the weather, it is something out of our capability. However, in order to protect our skin from the heat damage we can change our skincare to a better version so it will improve skin strength and stays calm no matter what.

As I mention about skincare, The Face Shop come out with the NEW hydrating skincare line that is Yehwadam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Line specially formulated for a fresh, non-sticky feeling. Main focus of this skincare line is to achieve fresh, cool, calm and clear skin despite our hot weather in Malaysia. This is pretty interesting because it is what we need to protect our skin. So, I decided to give it a try. 

But before that, let me brief a little bit about Yehwadam. Yehwadam considered as a premium skincare line from The Face Shop which stands for; Ye (herbs & plants) Hwa (flowers) Dam (story) . Basically in Yehwadam they have several different ranges like Revitalizing, Pure Brightening, Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating and more. They welcoming the new line called Artemisia which focusing on lightweight and soothing hyrdation. This Artemisia range is recommended for users in their early 20s.

How does the heat damage your skin ?

- UV rays can destroys the collagen fibres in our skin

- Dermis becomes thinner and the function of maintaining skin's tissues is weakened

- Skin's barrier function is reduced, causing sensitivity and irritation

- Moisture evaporates easily from skin, causing dryness

The power of traditional Korean ingredients is now captured in Yehwadam

What is Artemisia ?

Artemisia is K-beauty's current star ingredients, known for its super healing power! Also known as mugwort or ssuk in Korean, Artemisia has amazing antibacterial, anti-fungal and skin protective benefits

Yehwadam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Line made with 3 precious Korean medicinal herbs.

With Yehwadam Artemisia, you feel the signature Yehwadam touch, inspired by beauty secrets of Korean women, collected over centuries to restore youth and radiance to skin. 

Bringing together three elements:-

 1) Artemisia Capillaris from Teong-Cheon (SOOTHE) 

a.k.a Mugwort, rich in vitamins and minerals. Artemisia was recorded in Dongui Bogam, a book on Korean medicine that is over 400 years old. In ancient times, people believed that their skin become clearer if they drank Artemisia infusions or used it in a health bath. On skin, it has detoxification, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties

2) Houttuyniae Herbs from Gong-Ju (PURIFY)

a.k.a Heartleaf, traditionally-iused as a heat-clearing herbal medicine to relieve symptoms for fever. Houttuyniae is proven to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and is a well-loved ingredient in soothing, trouble care cosmetics. On skin, it treats disease and promotes healing

3) Water Lily from Tae-An (MOISTURIZE)

a.k.a "The Goddess of Water" as it always looks pristine and pure even though it grows from the dirt. Traditionally used as a restorative medicine, the Water Lily root has the ability to obsorb and filter out toxic substances in water. As a result, the flower receives purified water that allows it to grow well and stay beautiful. On skin, Water Lily provides protective, anti-oxidant benefits

Soothe your skin with 3 refreshing treats !

  Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Toner 

A clear, fresh toner that delivers instant moisture

The unique Moisture-clutching Network attracts water to the skin, improving hydration levels with a fast-absorbing, lightweight texture. No sticky, only a refreshing finish

Net weight: 180ml

Price: RM140.90

My verdict:-

The texture of this toner is water-like and lightweight which make it easy to apply on the skin. Since the texture is a water-like texture, so it absorb on to the skin pretty-quick thus, the moment you pump the toner out, make sure you dab-dab onto your face right away so that your face get the benefits more. After it is absorb, your skin will feel soft and smooth. You can see that your skin is hydrating right away. Basically it feels is like when your skin get wet but the different is that your skin stay hydrating much longer.

  Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Emulsion  

A cooling gel emulsion that replenishes hydration

Plant-derived moisturizers spread smoothly and easily, locking in moisture without suffocating the skin. Skin feels refreshed and awakened, becoming velvety-soft

Some of you might confuse what emulsion is.. Emulsion is in-between serum and cream where it is lighter texture than a cream but less concentrated than a serum. This is perfect if you want to add layer of hydration to your skin. 

Net Weight: 160ml

Price: RM140.90

My verdict:-

The texture is lightweight but not-watery like toner as well as not concentrated like a serum. This is definitely best option to add hydration onto the skin. I really like this emulsion because my skin is dry-skin-type and it does what it claims where it is splash of hydration and the special about this emulsion you can feel the cooling sensation to it. It is not like "minty" cooling but it is more like a "soothing" cooling type. If your skin is hot/burning.. this probably one of the best option as it will help to soothe your skin instantly. . 

  Artemesia Soothing Moisturizing Cream  

A non-sticky cream, perfect for troubled and oily-dehydrated skin !

Like water droplets bursting with a fresh finish, this silky cream regulates skin's oil and mositure balance. Naturally-derived moisturizers, Beta-glucan and Trehalose provide soothing benefits with a non-greasy, soft finish

Net Weight: 120ml

Price: RM225.90

My verdict:- 

This is my ultimate favorite out of all 3 products! Hehehe.. I really like this cream  as the texture in the jar is like a jelly/pudding texture but once you apply onto the skin it will turns like a water droplets and you can easily apply all over your face. Your skin will get the ultimate hydration with this cream. There are the time when I'm a bit lazy to apply step-by-step-skincare and I diggin' to the cream right away and my skin still get the hydration benefit from it. It is absorb pretty well and non-sticky to the skin. Love it !

Overall, I think The Face Shop Yehwdam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing does what it claims as it keep my skin fresh, soothe and hydrating. I love it when the product not over-claiming and straight forward to what they can benefit to you and the ingredient in this skincare range definitely something we need to appreciate as well. 

If you on-budget or you're confuse which product to get first from this range, I would recommend for you to try Yehwdam Artemisia Soothing Cream because I can feel the wonderful result even just with this cream itself. There are the time where I'm a little bit lazy to do step-by-step skincare routine thingy so, I simply apply the moisturizer itself and it still keeping my skin hydrated and fresh. 

you can get the hydration benefit in this one jar.. LURVEEE~

Waitttt, that doesn't mean I don't recommend other products from this range. Hehee.. I love 3 of them because it is a good layer of hydration for your skin.

The Face Shop Yehwdam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing suitable for all skin type and recommended for those in their early 20s. You have to start take care of your skin and keeping it hydrated all the time. Because at the end of the day, HYDRATION is the key !

Availability: All The Face Shop stores, The Face Shop e-store, Zalora, Lazada and Shopee

I have good news for you, if you interested to try Yehwadam Artemisia products you can used this promo code "YEHATM15SH" to enjoy 15% OFF for Yehwadam Artemisia + FREE DELIVERY at 

Till then, xoxo

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