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Sweet Escape at Swiss Garden, Genting Highlands

Assalammualaikum and Hello everybody !

In this post, I just want to share my experience staying at Swiss Garden, Genting Highlands. It was an amazing staycation where I get to spend 3 days 2 night here. I don't know why.. but the moment I arrived at Swiss Garden Genting Highland, it feels like I'm going travel to somewhere far.. Padahal 40 mins dah sampai Genting dari rumah i.. LOL :P

Disclaimer: I went to Swiss Garden Genting Highland on 14-16 March 2020 which is before the implemented of Movement Control Order (MCO) by Malaysia government on 18th March 2020. 
***semoga tidak kena kecam la ye.. Huhuhuu

Waking up in Swiss Garden Genting Highlands
**jangan risau, takde bau tiak.. I dah pakai deodorant :P

Holiday mood ON!

Swiss Garden Genting Highlands is a new build hotel located at Windmill Upon Hill, Genting Highland. The location is not at the uphill of Genting Highlands but it is located just a short distance away from the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (GPO). When you arrived you might get confuse a little bit because there is not big signboard or what so ever but worry not, just used your WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS application and it will leads you to the location right away. This is one of the great places where you can run from the hustle and bustle of the city life and kinda get back to an ideal environment where you get the fresh air and "cool-chill" weather vibes (19°C – 25°C). 

*** ROOM TOUR ***

The room that we get is Premier 2-Bedroom Residence which means they have 2 separate rooms in one accommodation. More like an apartment style. The place is spacious where they have living room, kitchenette and other amenities that we need. Ohh wait.. did i mention they also have washing machine. I'm sooo batak at that time. hahahaa.. because not all hotel provide washing machine in their room! Hahahaa.. 

Free Wi-Fi in all rooms!


The living room have wooden flooring style with comfortable sofa to seat while watching television. They have several channels you can choose to watch from. As we really enjoying watching a few movie during our stay here. Hehehe.. 

They also have balcony where you can enjoy the view uphill. If you afraid of height you might find this scary.. Lucky that I'm not afraid of height that much. Fuhh~


This is the are that make me "batak" a little bit.. Hahahaa.. they have washing machine guys!!! We used it several time. Hahahaaa.. In this are they also have refrigerator and a complementary coffee/ tea and bottled water. 

I really like how the arrangement and layout of this place

 ROOM 1 

private bathroom

 ROOM 2 

desk/ work space area

Booth room have queen size bed with closet and other facilities like air conditioning, blackout curtains, In-room safe box but what make it different is that ROOM 1 have private bathroom and ROOM 2 have work-space area desk. The rest are much likely the same. 


But worry not, they also have additional toilet that can be used by everyone.

Basically, this Premier 2-Bedroom Residence can fit for 4 persons where it is comfortable to stay in while providing both space and privacy. 

At Swiss Garden Genting Highlands, they provides extensive range of facilities and services like Indoor Gym, Squash & Tennis Court, Children Playground, Games Room, Karaoke Room, Garden, Rooftop Pool, Outdoor Jacuzzi & Sauna, Lap & Kids Pool and moreeeeee...

*** LEVEL 5:  ***

At level 5 is where The Garden Terrace Cafe located. This is where you going to have your breakfast which they served mouth-watering variety of local and international cuisines catering to every taste. At level 5 is also where you can wonder around at their Gardens and Playground area. I can say that every spot here is very instagram-able!

 *** LEVEL 41:  ***

This is one of the floors (LEVEL 41) that you must go when you check-in Swiss Garden Genting Highland. WAJIBBB! You must go at the rooftop sanctuary that showcasing the beautiful Alcove. Every angle is instagram-able. With a heated swimming pool, lap pool, Jacuzzi, sauna room together with a gym and fitness centre just a floor up.

Did you get the idea when I said that it feels like I'm going to travel at somewhere far (not in Malaysia). This is what I mean!! 

And this... just... OMGG! 
You have to take picture at this spot!!! WAJIB!!!

sampai pening nak ambil gambar dekat angle mana sebab semua angle lawaaaa

 Since the swimming pool is heated-pool so my friend and I get to spend some times swimming here at night and facing an amazing view of Genting Highland. AWHHH~ 

With the tin-tong crew. We are very loud and fun! Hahahaa..
Definitely brighten up the holiday mood even more.. Thanks guys! 
**Road to more vacation/ staycation soon. InshaaAllah!

And one more thing, Swiss Garden Genting Highlands also provided a complimentary scheduled shuttle service to and from the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (GPO) for the convenience of hotel guests. Make used of it.

I will definitely come here again for another staycation soon. Such a great place for you to run away from the hustle city-life and come here to chill out & enjoy the moment . 

Once this epidemic outbreak of COVID-19 is over, I would like to recommend you guys to consider Swiss Garden Genting Highlands as your next staycation plan. 

But for now, I hope everyone is safe and #StayAtHome. I know this epidemic outbreak of COVID-19 is not something we can predict but what we can do right now is pray for better things to happen in future. We must do our parts as well which is #StayAtHome because we need to flatten the curve. Let #StayAyHome now so that we can go jalan-jalan & travel later. AMIIN.. InshaAllah!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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