Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dina Nadzir reveal her secret of losing 6kg in 4 weeks

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Dina Nadzir, the homegrown Malaysian talent has finally reveal her secret of losing weight og 6 kilograms in 4 weeks!! OMG!! Sound tempting right because 6 kg is actually a lot if you manage to get rid of in only 4 weeks. Congratulation Dina!! The 35 year-old songstress debut into the Malaysia’s entertainment scene after winning the first runner up of Malaysian Idol Season 1 in 2004. She is currently a radio announcer for ERA FM. Adore how talented she is in this entertainment industry!

Her secret is........ SSKlinic’s signature slimming treatment !

Dina says, “I feel like a new person after losing about six kilograms in about four weeks. Now, I can fit into my party dress again! Alhamdulillah. SSSlim has shown me that it is not just about eating healthy food, you must have it in the right portion as well.” You can follow Dina’s journey by these hashtags #nakkurusnakcantik #dinasjourney

Dina Nadzir was appointed as the SSKlinic ambassador in Malaysia last November. The homegrown Malaysian talent will continue to lend her celebrity voice to promote the make-over program, SSSlim treatments.

SSKlinic at Tropicana Mall

They promise with Minimum Time and Maximum Results, SSKlinic offers an extensive range of aesthetics and slimming treatments for those who are seeking to improve health-wellness and overall appearance.

Reception area

SSKlinic is one of the leaders in the aesthetic and slimming industry which provides a whole-range of medical-focused skin and slim treatments; medical grade devices that meets everyone’s needs. 


Consultation Room

Treatment Room

Laser Treatment Room

Each treatment is carried out by a team of highly skilled consultants, therapists and beauticians. 

Bady Mass/ Scale Machine

Weight Management Room

The treatments which are developed by certified aesthetic doctors are supported by the industry’s leading technologies and world-class facilities for maximum results in a minimum time.

MediGlow skincare range is used exclusively at the SSKlinic. The products are safe; dermatologically tested and clinically proven. Founded in 2009 and formulated by certified doctors, the professional medical grade products are suitable for all skin types from all age groups. The best ingredients are uniquely sourced from reputable suppliers from Switzerland, France, Japan, Korea, US and Taiwan to ensure superior quality for the clients.

In line with everyone’s goal in renewing self-confidence for the new year, the clinic has launched a new campaign where first-time customers are eligible to enjoy one-time first trial treatment worth up to RM 470** at any amount which one wishes to pay. This promotion is exclusively for credit card holders only.
*Terms and conditions apply. 
**Eligible for one single treatment.

For more information on SSKlinic services offered in Malaysia, please visit the

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