Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Avon Far Away Glamour Fragrance (EDP) | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

OMGGG!! Avon did it again!! AWHHHH.. 
Another Avon Fragrance catch my attention that is Avon Far Away Glamour Fragrance. You the OG Far Away Fragrance from Avon but they have come out with several different type such as Infinity and Gold and the latest one is the Far Away Glamour Fragrance. The moment I spray this perfume I was like WHUTTTT!!! AGAIN AVON!!! BESTNYA BAU DIAAAAA.... The scent is sooooo MEEEEEE...! hehee..

First of all, The packaging itself has stole my attention where it comes in this "sexy curvy" black glass bottle with black tassel. Your essence is the deepest part of you that goes far beyond the body and mind.

How would I describe the scent yeah?? HMMM.. it is more like sophisticated with glamorous vibes. It brings out the Elegant side in every women and makes you feels like you're wearing Expensive perfume okehhh.. I LIVE!  It was graced with fabulous Madagascar Vanilla and fresh Black Currant accord and musk, each spray gets you gorgeously glammed for a good night out.

Net Weight: 50ml 

If you're into something glamours and sweet at the same time, I'd recommend this perfume for you to try and the price is insanely affordable! **MUST HAVE la senang cite! Hahahaa..

I can imagine myself wearing this perfume attending event and date night and people all around me be like.. "Wahhh! she smells good!" Hehehee.. This perfume also perfect companion on holidays but if you find it hustle to bring the full-sized bottle, they also comes in a 10ml Purse Spray form so you can stay glamorous fragrant everywhere and anytime. 

"Glamour isn't about age, shape, or size. You don't have to be pretty to have it, anyone can create it". - Dita Von Teese 

I feel elegant every time I spray this perfume and it last long on me! even when I want to do laundry, I can still smell the fragrance! Power ke tidakkk!Hehee.. Now it is the time for us to celebrates the glam side of life with Far Away Glamour.

Avon unveiled the new looks for its in-line variants – Far Away Classic, Far Away Gold and Far Away Infinity. If I have to pick one, I'd go with GLAMOUR! Hehehee.. Because the scent is so my style! *wink

Price: RM69.00 WM / RM79.35 EM
Availability: Avon Dealers, Avon Beauty Boutique or via online at shop.avon.my

I hope you find my review helpful for you. Review are based on my personal opinion and my scent of style. I truly love this perfume! Hehehee.. 

Till then, xoxo

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