Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fun Halloween Awaits You at Lost World Of Tambun

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Prepare yourself to be awe-stuck at the sight of the beauty that lies within the Lost World Of Tambun this upcoming Halloweens. Lost World Of Tambun is an international level theme park, where they strive to break the creative threshold every year to be even louder and bolder then previous year. 

Celebrating Halloween with lights, color and style is something different from the regular American style of Halloween celebration. With the theme "Day Of The Dead", they embrace the Maxican traditions honoring the dead as you step into the Lost World Of Tambun

Wholly unique concept where death is seen as being beautiful as opposed to being seen as grotesque where life after death is celebrated and not forgotten.

The Lost World of Tambun has drawn inspiration from this well-known and aesthetic festival to make us stand out from the rest of the Halloween celebrations in Asia. 

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos is a day remembrance of those who have departed. The festival is known internationally for their festive art, namely the skull art.

The more positive vibe that this festival offers makes it deal for the enjoyment of the entire family

You will get to have their faces painted based on the Day of the Dead-inspired art with luminous paint, making your own Voodoo dolls, have your fortunes told by a ghostly Tarot card reader, selfie with our characters and more.

 The month long Day Of The Dead theme will feature The Beauty Of Death Parade, A Night To Remember, DJ El Loco Party, The Touch Of The Dead as well as the Soul Of The Fire.

Capture you Instagram-able Halloween experience at the Lost World Of Tambun as you can enjoy on the journey of beauty, art and death this October. 

Featuring never before experienced activities at The Lost World Of Tambun

Concentrating on the concept of artistic beauty and death as found in the traditional Mexican Day Of The Dead art. 

Forest Of The Dead which feature a magical life to death journey. 

Malaysia's first Day Of The Day Dead event with fun activities lined up for the whole month of October

Lost World Of Tambun Party Of The Dead will be held on 31 of October. Guests who dress up in a Halloween costume will be given a 50 per cent discount off the Night Park ticket (published rate) on the 31st of October as part of our walk in promotion. Each package will include an entrance to Party Of The Dead, a Blood Bag Drink or a Devil Horn Headband. 

For further enquiries, please check out their website at and their Facebook page at for further information 

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