Monday, August 12, 2019

Touch in SOL No Poreblem Primer | review

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Makeup primer is important as a base before applying foundation where it keep your foundation looks smoother and stay longer. Normally primer comes in a cream, gel or powder types you can choose depending on your skin types. Applying primer before makeup doesn't mean you can skip your moisturizer.. NO NO! never skip your moisturizer okeh! Mositurizer is for your skin benefit while primer is benefit for your makeup base. Don't get confuse. 

This is one of the primer I've been using from the past months (almost 7 month already). Touch in SOL is a brand from Korea and this primer attract my attention before of the name NO POREBLEM PRIMER. This primer gets good feedback and of course I have to give it a try. Anyway, before choosing primer, you have to know your skin type, either you're dry, oily or combination and you must also know the ingredients in the primer that you going to choose to ensure it is "click" with your skin. After read throught the description, I find that this primer suitable for my combination skin type so I grab it right away. 

If you see the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle type with pump 

Net Weight: 30ml
Made in: Korea

This is how the texture looks like. It is a silicone- based in texture with a transparent soft pink color. but once you apply it the color won't really show off, it is more like clear transparent color. It has slightly thicken in consistency which help to smooth out the face surface including large pores, acne scar even better. 

I normally will only used this prime about one pump only than apply a thin layer by dabbing on the pores, and rough skin area to smoothen it. Best step before you apply your foundation. Primer act more like a barrier between your skincare and makeup where you skin is ready to served your makeup application and make it last all day long. 

I know that this brand probably not very well-known here in Malaysia but it is actually best-selling primer in Korea! I know about this after I made my purchase. Hehehee.. That's mean I made a good decision. NGEE.. 

Price: RM41.00
Availability: Althea Korea

This primer is a silicone based primer that has smooth and velvety finish and probably the only silicone primer that suitable for my skin for now. I've tried several types of silicone-based primer before but most of them will clog my pores which end-up causing breakouts but after I used this primer turns out it suitable for my skin. Probably because of the ingredients in it such as Green Tea Extract that protects and energizes skin, acting as a perfect primer for color true, long-lasting makeup wear. It is also infused with soluble collagen to help with skin moisture levels and elasticity. THUMBS UP! Thanks to the slightly thicken in consistency which help to smooth out the face surface including large pores, acne scar even better. Overall, I'm happy using this primer and make my makeup look even smoother and last pretty well for a long day activity. Weeheee~

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