Tuesday, August 06, 2019

L'Occitane Divine Youth Oil | review

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Never once in my life thinking of using oil in my skincare regime because I have oily-combination skin where I'm afraid that my skin will get oilier if I'm using any oil products. BUTTTT... not until I found L'Occitane Divine Youth Oil. AT first I was hesitate about it but once I went to L'Occitane store and they explain in details and show demo on this oil I gain my trust to used this Divine Youth Oil. 

L'Occitane Divine Youth Oil is formulated with 100% natural oils consist of 8 natural oils including L’OCCITANE’S iconic Immortelle essential oil resulting in a potent blend of antioxidant and anti-aging power . This is an award-winning bestseller products at L'Occitane. I love te packaging where it has transparent and yellow gradient glass bottle with droplet type applicator. 

They explained and show some demo to me

Since it is 100% natural oil, making it suitable even for troubled skin. That's why I berani try this product. Divine Youth Oil is an ultra-concentrated, multi-usage skincare product that helps fight against visible signs of aging. I can say that this is the best step you can implement in your skincare routine that benefited in long-term use. 

Texture: Even-tho it is oil but the texture pretty unique where it is lightweight and non-greasy for an oil. I'm just woww!! It has silky-like texture that melts gently into the skin once you apply it. Normally I used up to 2-3 drops only then gently apply and massage the oil onto the face. It is oil product but have non-oily finishes. Pelik tapi benar! HUHUHUUU

Basically, this L'Occitane Divine Youth Oil will set a "base" for your skincare so that your skincare will get better absorption and penetrate well into the skin. Up until now I'm still amaze with this oil cause you can see the result when you wake-up on the next morning that your skin look even nourished and radiant. 

Price: RM250 (15ml) & RM480 (30ml)
Availability: L'Occitane Store and websites. 

I used this oil in my Night-time skincare routine or when in the day-time when I want to where heavy makeup. I apply this oil after toner and followed by serum and night-cream. Overall, I the effect of my skin after I added this oil in my night-time routine. I'm not saying that this is necessary in your skincare routine BUTT...if you're looking for products that will enhance your skin and and kinda upgrade your skincare products even better you may wanna try this L'Occitane Divine Youth Oil. Let's boost up our skin! I hope you find my review helpful. 

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