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Soothing Mist by Farhat Wellness & Laboratories

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Skin is really important to every women out there regardless your age. Everyone have their own concern about their skin and mine would be sensitive and acne-prone skin. Last few weeks, I pay a visit to Dr. Farhat Wellness located at Kota Damansara.

Dr Farhat Wellness or better known as Klinik Kulit & Keluarga Dr Farhat provides services from head-to-toe ! Anything regarding your skin problem you can get consultation here.

 The treatment room

Services you can get at Klinik Kulit & Keluarga Dr. Farhat Ayaz Kota Damansara

Nowadays, people always want product that could give them a fairer and flawless skin in s short period of time and they willing to buy any products that can give them result fast instead of looking for product that can help repair your skin. There are still many who are unaware and want to know whether the product is involved contains illicit ingredients or that can harm the skin either in the short or long term.

Did you know that some products might contains heavy metals such as mercury, lead or toxic materials such as hydroquinone, tretinoin, paraben, antibiotics and corticosteroids in producing a range of cosmetics and skin care products that can negatively affect skin and health. DANGEROUS!

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 can harm your health and cause damage to the kidneys and nerves. This heavy metal can interfere with the development of the baby's brain in the womb, even the use of mercury-containing products can also result in rash, irritation and changes in skin tone.

Hydroquinone is usually added to skin whitening products to get brighter skin or treat skin pigmentation problems. However, it creates reddish skin, skin discoloration and hypersensitivity, as well as reduces skin protection from harmful UV rays and increases the risk of skin cancer. While tretinoin and antibiotics are used to treat acne skin problems. But many do not realize that the ingredients make the skin uncomfortable, painful and peeling and very sensitive to the sun.

Abuse of corticosteroid cream is also associated with skin thinning, increased skin cancer and darker skin. Cosmetic products and skin care that are not suitable for skin conditions also have a negative impact on the skin including acne, freckles, irritability and sensitive conditions.

Recognizing the importance of good skin care, Farhat Laboratoires introduces Soothing Mist, a spray to help deal with the problematic skin. According to Founder Farhat Laboratoires, Dr. Farhat Ayaz, the soothing mist is able to calm the skin's irritation and prevent it from getting worse and problematic. Farhat Soothing Mist is now offered at RM150.00 a bottle of 100ml and is available at Dr Farhat Ayaz Skin Clinic, Farhat Laboratoires & Farhat Wellness.

Farhat Soothing Mist is specially formulated from natural sources with extracts of flowers and leaves into a major ingredient in minimizing stress on the skin. It does not contain harmful chemicals and prohibited substances, this latest product helps to counteract the skin problems naturally. Farhat Soothing Mist contains herbs such as Hamamelis virginia leaves or better known as witch hazel leaves that help reduce inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties found in these herbs help to relieve the condition without acting directly on the cause of inflammation, thereby giving a gentle effect on the skin.

Additionally, the Damascus roses (Rosa damascena) and the chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) flowers are not only known for its natural fragrance but also of pharmacological features including antibacterial, antithicative, and effects that help to pacify skin inflammation. The antioxidant protection of these flowers is also able to soothe and moisturize the skin. The aloe vera (Aloe barbadenesis) leaves are restorative and anti-inflammatory that reduce skin irritation. The content of giberellin in this plant serves as an enlarged hormone that stimulates the formation of new cells. This in turn allows skin condition to improve faster and minimize the effects of scarring.

The presence of Centella asiatica herbs known as pegaga containing active compounds including madecassoside serves as an antioxidant on the skin. Content rich in amino acids also provides a good moisture and soothing skin that is problematic or damaged. It also reduces the effects of skin damage due to sunlight and enhances skin protection capabilities.
Farhat Soothing Mist also contains magnesium sulphate compounds that help to keep the skin fresh, healthy and youthful looking by helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face as well as to overcome the problem of acne and freckles. While sodium hyaluronate is able to penetrate into the inside of the skin, ensuring long lasting skin moisture. It is also non-toxic, does not damage or irritate the skin.

The ingredients also help replace the loss of hyaluronic acid as well as prevent the attacking microorganisms in toxic compounds, thus producing a healthier, radiant and brighter skin. Tocopheryl acetate or Vitamin E is an important nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to support the immune system, cell function and skin health care. It is also an antioxidant and effectively helps deal with the effects of free radicals on the environment. Tocopheryl acetate also provides protection against the effects of UV radiation, promotes skin healing process, enhances skin resistance function and reduces skin loss. This mist is best for every skin type and it can keep your skin hydrated during travel as well. 

"Having over 15 years of experience in skin health care, I know prevention is important in ensuring long lasting health. However, the solution to the problem is also important and Farhat Soothing Mist helps to overcome the skin condition that is affected by the use of cosmetics and skin care tissues that are not in accordance with the skin condition of the user," - Dr. Farhat Ayaz.

Farhat Laboratoires has always focused on skin care and beauty products especially facial skin by providing high quality product range that suits all skin requirements. Farhat Laboratoires product line also received approval from Ministry of Health Malaysia.

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