Tuesday, May 07, 2019

NAELOFAR x GUARDIAN with Exclusive Tote Bags

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 Any Tote Bags lover here?? Hehee.. Tote Bags is pretty useful when the time comes especially during travel and buying grocery. Sometimes, I even used it to put my telekung and makeup stuff for balik kampung. HEE... Therefore, to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan, GUARDIAN unveiled "The Guardian Exclusive Summer Tote Bags" a collaboration with NAELOFAR. Yasss! 

It comes in 3 simple and beautiful design and these tote bags were designed and inspired by talented actress, TV Presenter, model and successful entrepreneur Miss Neelofa, the owner of one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary fashion brand, NAELOFAR. 

Shop at Guardian and to carry your purchases home in a must-have tote bag designed by Neelofa herself. 

The purpose of GUARDIAN creating these tote bags is to give their customers something exclusive and, of course, beautiful, when they drop in to shop for their health and beauty necessities at Guardian stores plus it is a limited edition!

Neelofa shares her inspiration behind the three tote bags:

RED BLOSSOMS: A vibrant colour of Iris flowers designed with golden rectangle geometry to lead the eye from one design element to the next. Exclusively designed to look bold and elegant

NATURE BEAUTY: Designed to go beyond the norm towards modernization. The use of clean, irregular shapes with tropical colours emphasize on the beauty effect of the design.

FLORAL SERENITY: Flowers and butterflies symbolize grace and beauty, with a touch of vibrant colours to give more festive-like feelings. Designed exclusively for those who embrace elegance.

The tote bags can be purchased at a 40% discount with any purchase of a sponsor’s product worth RM20, or RM30 of a non-sponsor’s product. After the 40% discount, the bags will retail for only RM17.90. The Guardian Exclusive Summer Collection will be available until stocks last. It is limited edition, you better hurry if you like to collect all 3 design. 

I'm holding one of my favorite design *wink

Guardian stores will have a special theme called “Seiring Ramadan” during the month of Ramadan where Guardian will strive to offer customers the best deals throughout this Ramadan season with discounts of up to 50% on some products.

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  1. lawa lah design yang warna putih bunga besar warna pink tu

  2. Pretty tote bags! Senang nak gi shopping, bawak tote bag ni je lepas ni :D

    lenne | blog