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FERRAROSSA Eyeshadow - Blueberry, Lana's Bonbon & Panacota | review

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I finally get my hands on this popular eyeshadow from Ferrarossa Beauty. Ferrarossa is well-known as Malaysia Makeup Artist and she come out with a brand called Ferrarossa Beauty. She have passion to empower women through the magic of makeup. Her band, Ferrarossa Beauty is an award-winning and high-performing eyeshadows that have been mention several times in the same breath as other famous brand

This is how the eyeshadow looks like. It comes in a single pan eyeshadow which remind me of MUG eyeshadow, where you can get the color you want easily. Every eyeshadow comes in a sleek box with a good protector for the eyeshadow stay-put in the box. 

I only have 3 colors with me but they have more color selection but some already sold out. 

This is how each colors looks like in the pan. I got 3 beautiful colors that is Blueberry, Panacota and Lana's Bonbon.

Blueberry & Panacota in Unicorn Collection
Lana's Bonbon in Fairytale Collection

Each of Ferrarossa Eyeshadow claims to be a pigmented eyeshadow that made from Korea with great ingredients. It also have KKM approved which is safe for everyone to used it. These eyeshadow is actually very practical where you can used it not only for eyes but also for cheek and as topper for lips. I never try put any eyeshadow on lips tho.. Hehee.. 

Net weight: 20 g each
Size: 5 × 5 × 1 cm
Made in: Korea

The swatches of Blueberry, Lana's Bonbon and Panacota

My verdicts:-

This color is unique for me as I rarely pick this color but why not trying to go out from comfort zone. Heheee.. This color suitable for a smokey and daring makeup look with a mystery and sophisticated shades to it. It is a blue violet sheen & glimmered with satin pearls make it beautiful for night-time makeup look. the texture is soft and easy to blend. a little bit fall out thus, advisable to used your finger to apply it. 

Color: 8/10
Pigmentation: 8/10
Texture: 8.5/10
Longevity: 7.5/10

I truly love this color it is a blush pink shades with a crushed pearls and gold micro-shimmers that gives a good glitter eye look. This color pretty speaicl because the name of the shades were name after Ferra's dauther's favorite color. In my opinion, this color will easily compliment to any skin tone and any color eyeshadow. You can used it for day and night time look. It brings a sweetness looking to your makeup look. The texture is pretty good and easy to apply but but the glitter easily fall out especially the gold shimme so do apply with gentle motion and used your finger for better application and color pigmentation. 

Color: 9.5/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Texture: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10

I love orange eyeshadow and I've been using orange and brown as my daily look and this color is one of the best orange color ever. It is a bright matte shades that gives a warm looking to your eyelook. The warm peachy hues can help you to create day to night look. This color also pretty versatile where you can use it as a blusher too. I normally will used this color as my crease color. But this color also pretty to be wear own-its-own. The texture is good and easy to apply build-able for a richer color pigmentation. No fall out so it is safe to use brushes. 

Color: 9.5/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Texture: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10

Price: RM45.00/each
Availability: www.beautyhearts.com.my

Here I share some of the makeup look I create only using Ferrarossa Eyeshadow


Panacota + Lana's Bonbon


Panacota + Blueberry

You also can check out the tutorial I made on my instagram. 

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Orange and shimmer ✨ . . . Maybe an idea for your Raya Makeuplook? 😉 Hehee.. . This makeuplook featuring the popular @ferrarossabeauty Eyeshadow . It is pigmented and the color shoo beautiful. I will share full review on my blog www.syafiqahhashimxoxo.com (link on bio) soon 😉 . . Meanwhile, you can enjoy watching this tutorial yahhh 😘 . . . Product breakdown:- 🔸Eyeshadow: @ferrarossabeauty - Panacota and Lana’s Bonbon 🔸Eyeliner: @shiseido ArchiLiner Ink 🔸Mascara: @lorealmakeup Voluminous Lash Paradise 🔸Blusher: @ferrarossabeauty - panacota 🔸Lipstick: @maccosmetics - real sexy 🔸Highlights: @fentybeauty Killawatt - Hustla Baby . . . . . . #ferrarossabeauty #ferrarossaeyeshadow #eyeshadow #shiseidomy #shiseidoarchiliner #loreallashparadise #maccosmetics #maclipstick #fentybeauty #fentybeautykillawatt #makeuptutorial #makeuplook #getreadywithme #grwm #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #beautyjunkie
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Overall, I think this eyeshadow perform pretty well on me. I love the color and how versatile it is. If you into glittery looking you can try Lana's Bonbon. If you into warm you definitely need Panacota and for smokey looks, get Blueberry. Every color have its own uniqueness you can choose any color that suits you. 

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