Monday, April 15, 2019

Exclusive collection of SCHA x Christy Ng

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I hope you're doing well! I know it's Monday but chill yahh.. Hehheee,, Last Thursday I feel soo lucky to be able to attend an amazing launch of #SCHAxChristyNg at Deep Blue The Face Suites, KL. For Raya 2019, Christy Ng brings something modern and minimalist where they collaborate with Malaysian artist, Scha Alyahya for the new & exclusive shoes and handbag. It was awesome where I get to see my #girlcrush, Scha Alyahya in person (well, I met her several times before but still shy shy cat and didn;t get a chance to take photo with her that night T_T). One more thing, I have to compliment Christy Ng's team for this amazing event starting from the warm-welcome, the set up, the venue and not forgetting the FOODDDD . Thumbs Up guys! You did well! 

Without any further due, let's jump up to the SCHAxChristyNg collection now......

SCHA x Christy Ng collection emphasis on quality, comfort ad practicality. It is inspired by simple yet flattering silhouettes that lets the quality of Malaysia's artisanal workmanship speaks for itself.  This collection claims to be a limited collection that personifies Scha style as one of Malaysia's top fashion icon. 

*Picture credit to Christy Ng Facebook Page

Check out how awesome the cake is!!!

Scha Alyahya and Christy Ng

One with the brain behind Christy Ng! 

Cali Mini Handbag in brown

For handbag is called as Cali Bag that features symmetrical sash bow in hexagonal knots at the sides which are finished with brushed metal hardware. It comes with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps for a perfect balance fashion and practicality. This time around, Cali Bag comes in micro mini size as to match with Scha's daughter, Lara Alana. So, for moms out there, you can matchy-matchy this raya with your daughter as well! 
Price: Cali Handbag RM209, Cali Mini RM199 and Cali Micro RM109

Another exclusive in this collaboration is Leda pumps. It is designed in a timeless classic silhouette where the pointy pump is crafted from soft microfiber and subtle piping along with the V-cut vamp for an elegant finished. This design sits on a comfortable 2.5 inch cylindrical block heel and threaded outsole. Basically Leda Pump is about comfort and stability for career women, mom and ladies to look stylish while be able to walk with comfort
Price: Leda pumps RM199

the Cali Mini Handbag featuring awesome view of Kuala Lumpur.

Both shoes and handbags are available in 12 choices of colors. Haaa.. pening nak pilih warna apa dah.. Hee.. All of the collection are now available on Christy Ng website as well as Christy Ng stores nationwide. Ohhh yaaa.. Did I mention that the entire collection is proudly produced and handmade in Malaysia by their local artisans. AWESOME right! Let's support our local brands ^_^

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