Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer | review

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If you've been following and read my blog before you surely know that I love concealer!! For me it is like a "weapon" to cover up blemishes, acne, and scar on the face. From my past experience I've tried several different concealers and some I may like it and some may not. Later then, I heard that Althea come out with concealer and it was freaking affordable! When I heard about the price range I was shock okehhh..

But before I jump into the price details let me share you a little bit about Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer. It is claims to be a buildable coverage concealer where you can choose to go for sheer coverage or full. The creamy texture also makes it easy to blend and thanks to Aquaxyl ingredient in it it keep you skin moisturizing at the same time.

" Aquaxyl is extracted from birch sap, also known as the “the queen of the forest". This extract prevents moisture from evaporating in the skin, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable even after a couple of hours." - Althea

It comes in a simple and compact type packaging where you can see the shades of the concealer right away. The size is more less the same as any regular concealer that available in the market. This type of packaging is easy to bring along during travel.  

Net Weight: 6g
Made in: Korea

Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer comes with 4 shades which is #01 Vanilla, #02 Ginger, #03 Honey, and #04 Mocha

It is versatile where you can also use this concealer as highlighting and contouring the face. As for the colors selection, it is might not that wide in range selection and prone to fair and medium skin tone. Probably their target market is more for East Asia skin tone. But don't worry, if you have dark skin tone you still can use this concealer as highlighting purpose. 

This is how the applicator looks like. Just like any regular concealer applicator which is good to apply the concealer to your blemishes part and under eyes area. 

#01 Vanilla: A brightening pink beige #21 shade
 #02 Ginger: A warm ivory #21 shade for natural coverage
 #03 Honey: A warm peach shade to suit skin tones between #23-#25
 #04 Mocha: A deeper yellow-based shade best suited for over #30

My verdicts:-
When I heard about the price of Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer I wasn't expect any "miracle" hope to this concealer but it turns out works pretty well for a concealer worth that much! My first impression,  I'm not really into it as I feel it is a bit thick in consistency but after several time trying the concealer, it is pretty good. The tips is you need to put the right amount and do not over-apply. Make sure you blend it even and well. The coverage is light to medium coverage but you can apply another layer for higher coverage but as for me, I'm not into layering when it comes to foundation or concealer. NGEE... Another thing that I want to highlight about Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer is the shades may be a bit brighter. Somehow I feel like it has the brightening effect so I suggest for you to choose one tone darker than you usually use unless you like concealer with brightening effect. Hehehee.. My skin tone is medium and I usually use #25 shades but for Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer I think #04 Mocha is match well with my skin tone and I use #03 Honey as my highlighting shades. In term of choosing the shades might be a little bit tricky for some people (like me. Hehehee). It have semi-matte finishes with a powdery feels after it is set and can cover up those flaws up to 4-5 hours on my face. (I hardly wear makeup more than 8 hours. NGEE..). The texture is a creamy type and easy to blend and remember do not over-apply. Hehehee..

Price: RM15.00
Availability: Althea website

Overall, I think this concealer is worth to get based on the price point and the function. Works pretty well on my skin and does not causing any breakout on my sensitive skin as it claims to be suitable for all skin type. Make sure you choose the right shades and remember the tips I share earlier. Hope you like this review helpful.

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  1. menarik.. tapi tak reti nak calit2.
    pakai foundation pun comot lagi heheh..

    1. Boleh punyaaa.. practice2.. sy dulu mula mula pun comot. Hehehee.. slowly getting better sbb practice and now still practice lagii untuk improve skill. Hehheee..