Monday, January 07, 2019

Sofwanah Cosmetics Wanderstuck Lipcream | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

On my previous post, I share my review on Sofwanah Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Palette and this time I'm going to share my opinion on Sofwanah Cosmetics Wonderstruck Lipcreme. I heard a lot of good feedback on this lipcreme as it is claimed to be "Not Your Ordinary Lipcreme". WOWWW! I'm curious to find out more about this lipcreme. Keep on reading if you want to know my opinion. Heeee..

This is how the lipcreme looks like. It comes in stunning rose gold packaging. I find it pretty exclusive for a local brand. Good job! This lipcreme is a Vegan, Paraben-free, Animal Cruelty-free and is approved by KKM. The formulation is formulated at Italy. NICEEEE...! 

It claimed to give you a soft, semi-matte finishing and comfortable on lips. The texture is lightweight and not drying or tightening as it will keep on maintains the moisture. The scent of this lipcreme is delicious as you're wearing sweet desserts on your lips. YUMEHHH.. Sofwanah Cosmetics Wanderstuck Lipcream contains Vitamin E and active ingredient such as Hyaluronic Acid that helps to moisturize lip and treating your lip leaving it supple and naturally plum after several days of usage.

As you can see in the picture, the applicator also comes in a different shape/design from any regular liquid lipstick. It does make the application easier where you can easily draw according to your lip-line.

The Wonderstruck Lip Creme comes in 5 shades but I only have 3 shades with me that is AURORA, DAWN and STELLAR.

Here the swatches on Sofwanah Cosmetics Wanderstuck Lipcream

STELLAR: is a stunning neutral maroon colour! It’s not too bold nor too dull.
AURORA: is coral pink tone, a lovely colour if you’re looking for a different shade of pink.
DAWN: is a wearable peach pink tone, it suits every skin tones.

Below, I show the swatches on my lips for each shades.

This color bring out the sweet-looking vibe in you as it has the hint of coral and pink together. This color will compliment for any makeup look. It's time to doll-up bebehh. 

I rarely wear nude lippie but when I apply DAWN I feel like my lips look plumper. Maybe the color illusion. Hehehee.. This shades is different from the regular nude color as it has the peach tone to it so you don;t look completely dull. This color is fabulous with smoky-eye and variant-deep eye look. 

YASSS! I know I'm going to love this shades. Hehehee.. You know I love colors on my lips and STELLAR have that beautiful maroon color that compliment any skin-tone.

Disclaimer: Lip color tones may slightly different depends on your skin tone and lighting. 

My verdict:-
First of all, I love the sleek and beautiful packaging of Sofwanah Cosmetics Wanderstuck Lipcream. The color is pretty wearable for every women where you can choose to go with minimal or full makeup look. The texture is lightweight and soft which is pretty comfortable on my lips. When I apply, it doesn't feel drying and it take times to completely drying. The finishing is semi-matte and the color opaque is medium. It is a little bit transfer-able but not-fully transferred don't worry! I think it is because of the semi-matte finishing. It last up to 3- 5 hours on my lips but the at the end you'll see that the color will starts to fade off but it still there. What I like about this lipcreme, it doesn't feel heavy on my lips and comfortable. I normally will re-apply after I'm having a meal to make sure the color stay nicely.

Price: RM 40
Availability: Sofwanah Cosmetics website, Zalora

Overall, for a local brand that can come out with this beautiful packaging and good formula I think they nailed it. Some people may like their lipstick stay the whole day but some people don't as they want it to be easily removed especially Muslim because they need to perform prayer so this liquid lipstick is one of them as it is lipcreme that stay pretty well and at the same time easily to be removed. I also notice that this lipcreme can be used as blusher when you blending it with fingers. Interesting! I never try this trick before. Later I'll try it. I hope you find my review helpful for you. 

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