Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Foodies: Pak John Steamboat now available at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

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I think it's been awhile since I update any Foodies segment on my blog as I'm currently obsess over beauty products but nothing can beat happiness with food right. Hehehe..

GOOD NEWS for those who lives near by IOI City Mall Putrajaya because now Pak John Steamboat available there!! My favorite place-to-go if I'm craving for steamboat. The first time I knowing Pak John Steamboat & BBQ is at their ECurve outlet and now they opening the new outlet at Putrajaya.

I love the decoration on this new outlet. It seems comfortable and spacious for customer. The decoration also a little bit up-to-date. This place is more like a casual dining restaurant that fit's everyone budget. 

This is the price rate per pax at Pak John Steamboat. 

For me, this is worth it and pretty affordable if you want to compare at any other steamboat place that serves more than 100 dishes. They serve urban cuisine that mostly consist of on-trend modern food yet reinvented into magnificent subtle creations that sum up as a one of a kind genre. 


Ready-made food. Where you can easily eat what ever they serve in the buffet

Selection of raw food!

This is definitely not that ordinary steamboat place as they serve soooo many food selection from seafood to meat and moreeeee.. Did you know that Pak John only brings to you the freshest ingredients for your dining pleasure such as imported Australian beef slices, New Zealand lamb slices and Italian smoked duck slices. Most of the ingredients are from the best sources. 

Choosing my favorite side-dishes.

Not only that, they also serve variety of noodles.




All free flow!!! You can eat as much as you want! If you love buffet and steamboat this might be the good place for you. 

More than 100 dishes all you can eat!!

The sauces station! Not only the dishes is various, the sauces also comes with various type. Pak John homemade sauces complements the food to perfection making your dining a memorable experience.

My favorite lamb slice. YUMMEHHH! 


My table full with various food selection !
This is only the first round. The second round I already focus on my food and no mote photo. Huhuuu..

For the soup, they have 5 different soup such as TomYam Soup, Curry Soup, Chicken Soup, Miso Soup and Beef Bone Pepper Soup for you too choose. I choose my favorite TomYam Soup that day. I always pick TomYam when I'm here. Hehehee.. 

You can choose to grill or steamboat style. What I like here at Pak John the ventilation system in the store pretty good as were not cover much with smoke while cooking and also we don't smell any weird odor while eating here even on indoor. THUMBS UP!

And you can grill as many as you want because they will replace the grill plate when it get dirtier. I replace mine almost fourth times that day. Hehehhee...

We're all went back home with happy tummy. 
 Pak John Steamboat is probably one of the suitable place where you can throw gathering with your friends and family. Like me, Sabby and Suzai did. We spend out quality time eating and "bawang'in" here. Hehehee.. Worries free guys because Pak John steamboat & BBQ is HALAL and approved by JAKIM. So, fry all you want and eat as much as you like with your choice of sensational meal selection at Pak John. WUUHUUUU~

Location:  GE- 11 , IOI City Mall Putrajaya (near the waterfront area)
Operation Hour: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
Contact: 03-89571128

I totally recommend for you to go to Pak John Steamboat & BBQ if you're steamboat & grill lover.
 The amount of food you ate and the price you pay definitely worth it. They have 2 outlet at the moment, The first one is at ECurve Mutiara Damansara and second at IOI City Mall Putrajaya. You can go to any outlet near you. The price and food selection will be more less the same.

Till then, xoxo

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