Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray | review

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I'm that type of person who doesn’t use setting spray that much after makeup because in my mind I think that setting spray won't do much work. LOL! But when I think again, there's must be a reason why people created such product at the beginning. Heheheeee..  and I start to use setting spray to find out the different. My first setting spray experience wasn't that good as I use one setting spray from a popular brand and my skin get irritated/itchy because of that, I removed my makeup right away! Since that I have “phobia” with setting spray. I prefer use the normal spring water or aloevera spray afterwards.

Recently, I went to the Mark Cosmetics by Avon launch and I was introduced to their new setting spray called Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray. Due to my past experience I'm quite afraid to try it but after the beauty assistant convincing me and show me the demo on how to use it, what this setting spray will do, I'm pretty confident with that. So last few months, I've been testing out this Mark Magix Prep & Set Spray to find out the different myself.

This is how the Mark Magix Prep & Set Spray looks like. It comes in a black bottle but see-through type because you can see the content in it. Setting Spray are created to make your makeup last longer because most of them are formulated to ensure it holds up your makeup throughout the day. That's what the initial idea of to Mark Magix Prep & Set Spray where it is a light-weight, versatile makeup essential that primes your face for a flawless makeup and ensures that your makeup lasts longer. 

It is called as Prep & Set because this spray claims that it can do both. where you can use it before makeup which after sunblock as to set your skin to accept makeup products and also as a setting spray where it can hold up the makeup after application. 

PREP – Spray on face once right before makeup for a fresher canvas. 
PRIME – Ensure a smooth foundation application by spritzing before the base makeup. 
SET – Spray once after your makeup is done to set it in place.

Some people use makeup setting spray as their routine but for me, I only use it when I'm having a full-face makeup on and I know that I need the makeup to stay put though out the day, so it will look better and last longer. 

Net Weight: 125ml

My verdict:-
I'm using this Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray after I've done with my base (primer, foundation, powder). then I will spray it make sure to keep the distance (around 8-12 inch) from your face and the bottle . I normally will spray with the circle motion and stop until I feel that my face get all the products. I will let it dry for a moment and if possible avoid spray it at your eyes and let it dry before proceeding with the next step of makeup. While you spray the product, you can feel the water will tighten up your skin a little bit. I find that if I'm doing this method, my foundation does stay even better and does not smudge or faded easily. I've done a few test using this setting spray and yahh! it does it job pretty well.

Price: RM35.90
Availability: AVON Store, website and Avon authorize stockist.

Overall, I like this Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray. This makes me want to explore more setting spray in the market. Hehehee... But in the meantime, I will stick with Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray. For beginners or someone like me who have no idea about setting spray or don't believe in setting spray, you may wanna give this Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray a try.

I hope you find my review helpful. Let's showcase our makeup masterpiece that lasts all-day long with Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray.

Till then, xoxo

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