Thursday, October 04, 2018

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Concealer | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Concealer is a basic product that I think everyone should have. Don't you agree with me?
Even though you're not a fan of makeup but concealer is necessary as it will help to hide your blemishes and any unwanted spot. People will normally choose their concealer lighter shades than the skin color as saying that it will work as highlight but NOT ME! I hate the fact you're choosing concealer lighter than you skin color. It should be around the same as your skin color as it will help to hide the dark circle and blemishes. For me at least, Hahahaa..

Speaking about concealer, here the product that I want to share about that is Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Concealer. I got this product on April 2018 (this year) and finally have some time to share the verdict. Rimmel make their comeback to Malaysia early this year if I'm not mistaken (after the long hiatus). 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Concealer comes in a plastic tube type and practically travel friendly. I choose shade 200 light as I see the color on the tube pretty well for medium skin tone like mine. This concealer claims to be a lightweight with medium coverage that helps to conceal imperfections. 

This is how the tip of the concealer looks like. It has small cushion applicator that claims for perfect blendability & on the go touch up. But until now I'm not sure how the sponge really works. Hahahaa.. As it only help the push the product out but not to blend it.  LOL! *maybe it just me

This is how the product will go through the sponge. You really have to press a little bit for the product to go out. Overall, I find the packaging was not the best for me. I still prefer concealer with the wand applicator than the spongy one. 

Swatches of 200 light shade on my hand 

Shade/ Color: They have 6 shades to choose and I pick code 200 light which I think this color will match with my skin tone. I was trying to get the medium shades but they run out of stock at that time. At first, I'm afraid the shade won't matches with my skin tone but I'm glad it match pretty well.

This is how I normally use the concealer. I will use concealer brush to blend it. 

Texture: It has light texture yet creamy but not to creamy, maybe in between creamy and liquidity. Easy to blend but you have to make the blending work fast before it get dries up. Does not causing patchy or cakey on my eye or spot area. With lightweight texture yet it can give medium coverage to my dark circle and blemishes. 

Close up look on the eye and blemishes area 

Coverage: Yes! It has medium coverage just like what they claim. As you can see in the picture, it gives smooth effect on my eye area. I do not feel heavy after application and appear nicely on me. But I only apply this concealer if I'm applying foundation because of the shades. Huhuhuu..

Longevity/ Finishing: It has semi-matte finishing and smooth on skin. I like the fact that it does not emphasize line on my eye area and not cakey or patchy. It have good medium coverage and consistency especially around blemishes area. It does show some brightening effect on my eye area. The staying power also good as I notice after I set with powder, it does not fade away easily even after 5-6 hours of wearing and it seat pretty well until I removed it.

Price: RM25 +-
Availability: Play Up Advance, Watsons and any leading pharmacy with Rimmel brand

Overall, I think this concealer is pretty good considering the function and price definitely worth to get. Other than the packaging type (because I prefer the wand applicator than the sponge), the concealer works wonder with medium coverage, no patchy not cakey, and good staying power.

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