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Mamonde All Stay Foundation | review

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Mamonde recently launch their new All Stay Foundation and claims to give a radiantly rosy complexion. Tempting isn't it! Everyone know how smooth and soft is bloomed rose petal, thus they also claims that everyone will feel the same if they try this foundation. Mamonde is a popular brand from Korea that embraces the goodness on floral and uses the good ingredients in the skincare and makeup products.

This foundation claims to give a semi-matte coverage and it has SPF 25 to protect the skin from sun's harmful UV rays during the day. It is also formulated to give the long lasting coverage to the skin. Means it will stay all day long. 

Mamonde All Stay Foundation comes in 3 shades from range Fair to Medium. Like I mention, this is a Korean Beauty products, thus the shades selection practically base on their Korean people shades. 

This foundation comes in a tube type which is the best for the busy girl-on-the-go as it is travel friendly. It has the slim packaging that pretty convenient to bring along in the makeup bag. This foundation net weight about 20ml, probably less than a regular foundation weight should be (normally 30ml)

Like I mention, it's is tube type and I kinda like this type of tube because you can estimate how much product that you want. So the product doesn’t go wasted. 

This is the 3 shade that available for Mamonde All Stay Foundation. You can see the slightly different shades on the tube packaging itself. 

21N: Fair (Ivory)
23N: light medium (Sand)
25: medium (Tan)

Shades/ Color: Based on the packaging, I thought that shade 23N will be nicely fit with my skin tone but when I apply it on my face, it turns out to be brightening than what I expected. Then I go for shades 25 that match my skin tone better than 23N. I notice that this foundation give a brightening affect when apply. For those who love brightening foundation, this might be for you and I advice to choose shade slightly darker than your current shade to get the nicely fit shade to your skin  color. 

Texture: The texture is thick liquid more like creamy type and Mamonde claims that it is formulate with Mamonde's exclusive Freeze and Fix powder that actively absorb sebum throughout the day. This will keep the skin stay matte and preventing from fading unevenly. This foundation also doesn't oxidize once in contact with the skin. When I apply it, I notice that you have to blend the foundation right away to make the blending-work easier.

Coverage: I could say it give a light to medium coverage that is perfect for those who're looking for natural makeup look or daily look. I don't dare to apply another layer as I want to play safe and I don't want to look to bright or cakey and what's not. Mamonde also claims that this foundation has the revolutionary Mamonde Instant Fitting Film formula that fills in any pores or wrinkles on the face that keep you skin looking soft and smooth but based on my experience, it does make it “looking” soft and smooth but I'm (the wearer) does not “feel” like it. Which mean, people will notice or look my skin soft and smooth but I'm wearing it does not feel like it. Ngeee.. I hope you understand what I trying to explain here. It does feel like you're having a foundation on the skin and when I smile too much it mimics my smile line which kinda turns me off about this foundation. Other than that, this foundation works okay 

Finishing/ Longevity: It has semi-matte finishing that probably suitable for oily-combination skin type. If you're into the glowing look, you can let the foundation itself but I'm a “matte person” so I always sets my foundation with powder. It last pretty well on me and give the brightening effect as well. When I ask my friends, most of them said I look "fair" when I’m using this foundation. I'm not sure if it's good here in Malaysia but this will be a good compliment if you're at Korea as they really love brightening effect on their skin. I also can see that this foundation will leave a mark especially on my smile line which borders me the most and I need to dap-dap the line to make it blend again then it repeat mimic my smile line again. Hahhaaa.. I don't know if I'm the only one who experiences this. Heeee..

Overall, Mamonde All Stay Foundation does give a semi-matte finishing with brightening effect after application. I also love the rosy scent to it. The travel-friendly tube packaging definitely a bonus for those who always on-the-go. Another thing I want to highlight, I think that this foundation does not suitable for dry skin type. Even on my oily-combination skin I need to prep my face very well with extra moisture or beauty oil than it helps this foundation to blends nicely. If not it does not seem smooth or I can say a "skin-feeling" when apply it without a good prep-skin. This is based on my opinion because I read some other review they say this foundation works wonder on them maybe not my skin or I can give this foundation another try or change my application style and what's not. I will keep on trying it to find the best way for me to fit well with this foundation. *Hehehehe.. nampak tak effort nak suka jugak tuu.. 

Price: RM59/ 20ml
Availability: Any Mamonde Beauty Counter, Lazada and

In conjunction of that, Mamonde also come out with their own beauty sponge that will compliment the Mamonde All Stay Foundation. 

Hope you find my review helpful!

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