Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Focallure Makeup Brushes Set | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

When talking about makeup brushes, some of you might have tons of makeup brushes and some are just not into it or maybe you have the basic one. Hehehee.. I'm not the type of person who willing to spend hundred Ringgit for just one single makeup brushes. Well, you can call me cheapskate or what so ever because I prefer to spend hundred ringgit for makeup products instead of tools. This is what we call, "bebelanja dengan bijak". *who's with me?

Last few months, I browse around looking for a good makeup brushes that selling at the best price and I stumble upon this makeup brushes set from Focallure. When I discover this brand, I'm quite surprise on how can they sell makeup products with that super affordable price. With no hesitation, I bought this brushes right away. 

This is how the Makeup brushes set from Focallure looks like. It comes in 10 Essential Brushes with the Silver Pouch Bag. Seems like a professional makeup brushes right??

The bristles are made from a high quality synthetic fiber and the ferrule is glossy aluminium with metallic luster antirust. The handle is made from natural wood to provide better handle feeling and the shape of the handle is different for the regular brush. For me, this type of handle is practically space-oriental when travelling. By knowing this info makes me believe that this makeup brushes will works-wonder. 

Loose Powder Brush: The density of the brush and the softness is perfect for loose powder and powder application. The size also compatible for any face shape I guess. 

Big Fan Brush: To be honest, I haven't used this brush as I'm still thinking what products are best to be use with this brush. The fan are big and the density quite volumenize. NGEEE..

Blush Brush: This probably the best brush among this brush set. I use it for blusher application and it works-wonder! The density is good. It picks the right amount to apply blusher and I love how fluffy it is at the same time. 

Highlight Brush: My second favourite in this brush set. I love the shape definitely best for highlight application. The size is nicely for highlighting and it pick the right amount of highlight. 

Small Loose Powder Brush: It is describe as small loose powder brush but nahhhh.. I use this brush to apply bronzer powder on my cheek bone. Hehehee.. 

Foundation Brush: Well, I don't like to apply foundation using this type of brush as it will leave a brush stroke mark. This is probably the brush that I wish they make it like a foundation buffer brush instead of this flat type. 

Shadow Brush: This is actually describe as nose shading brush but It is the best for blending eyeshadow on the crease part as the shape is round yet a little bit fluffy at the same time. 

Basic Eyesahdow Brush: A must have brush to apply eyeshadow on the lid. It works wonder to eyeshadow application. It picks the right amount of product and delivers the shadow nicely on the lid. 

Small Eyeshadow Brush: I use this brush to apply eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eyes and lower lid. 

Small angle smudge brush: I use this angle smudge brush for smudging the eyeliner. The shape a nicely for the eyeline area and the angle shape make it easier for me to draw a precision cat-eyeliner 

Look how fluffy the brush is!
I must say that I have no problem using these brushes, they are soft and I always like synthetic makeup brush and this just nail it!

I also love how "luxury" it look and feel. 

The silver pouch also seems like made out from a good quality material. Not the "cheap" material type. 

Overall, I'm impressed with this makeup brushes! I recommend this for those who are looking for a quality makeup brush that selling at affordable price (or I can say cheap). For me, some of the brushes may not be so useful but MOST of the brushes in this set pretty useful! Plus it is also a cruelty-free brand. With the price point and the quality of the brushes, it definitely worth to get

Price: RM35 +-
Availability: any online platform that selling Focallure products. 

I hope you find my review helpful.

Till then, xoxo

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  1. Brush dia bila dab kat muka, tajam tajam tak macam fake brush yang selali orang jual online tu? Saya ada 1 brush beli kat gurdian, tak tajam langsung, mmg tak sakit muka. Kalau yang ni, ada rasa tajam tak?

    1. No dear, brushes dia quite soft! I memang suka... tak kejung