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NION BEAUTY Opus Express | review

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If you're looking for a good cleansing device, like you can get from Sephora but with affordable price, NION BEAUTY Opus Express might be suitable for you. This NEW and TRENDING cleansing device is the latest technology from USA, Korea and Japan. This cleansing device made from FDA approved body-safe Silicone. It is Kinetic Skin Cleansing®,S-ION Technology® and Silicone from Japan. NION BEAUTY Opus Express is supercharged with negative ions.

This is how NION BEAUTY Opus Express looks like. I got mine is pink color as it has 2 color selection, either white or pink. The silicon were made from a quality silicon that generally suitable for all skin type. As I mention earlier, The silicone is FDA approved body-safe Silicone type. This cleansing device is soft and gentle to the skin. It is water resistant so it is safe during shower and also anti-bacterial. So you don't have to worry about the "bacterial" that might infuse to the device. But you still have to keep it a clean and dry place. 

Why silicone-based is better than the bristle brush? Silicone is safer than plasticsand it does not react with other materials as it has no phthalates and low extract-able content. NION BEAUTY select the best silicone that are made with antibacterial silicone which mean the brush won't hold any leftover bacterial from your skin or you bathroom environment unlike the common bristle facial device. It also have incredibly durable and soft

Here the closer look on the brush. The head is attached to the device so there is not brush head replacement needed. COOL! 

It has 3 Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing Vibration. When you press the button once, it the fast speed vibration and you press it again it will go for medium speed and press one more time it will go for a low speed. The Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses gentle vibrations not harsh and abrasive friction (like any other cleansing device). For me, NION BEAUTY Opus Express is easy and safe to use especially during shower time. By the way, this cleansing tool needs 2 AA batteries to operate. 

I normally will use a gentle cleanser that based with gel type because it is much easier and too harsh on my skin. 

You can see how enjoy I am using NION BEAUTY Opus Express. Hehehee..
NION BEAUTY Opus Express help you to cleanse your face from all dirt oil, makeup residue and blackheads. It also will help to shrink pores size and reduce fine lines & wrinkle if you're using it frequently. This cleansing tool also a good device for you to use for exfoliating as and gentle to the skin at the same time. 

The silicone-based brush definitely gentle on my skin

My Verdict:-
My first impression on this device is pretty impressive. To be honest, I don't put so much high hope on it but this cleansing device proof that it works wonder. I does help to clean my face better than simply cleanse uses hand. I still can see the excess dirt and some makeup residue even after I cleanse my makeup. THUMBS UP! It  has gentle vibration that not only help to clean my face but it also help to boost blood circulation. I also love the fact that this cleansing device made from high-quality and antibacterial silicone that keeps away all the bacterial. With the innovative S-ION technology and stuff I have to admit that this cleansing device pretty good and value for the price. It is harnessed the power of radiance boosting negative ions to cleanse the skin, counteract environmental toxins, and increase overall well-being. 

It also comes with the pouch where you can keep it during travel. 

Price: RM187.90 
Availability: Watsons, Zalora or any leading pharmacy

If you find it not-that-travel-friendly to bring the NION BEAUTY Opus Express during travel, you can get the NION BEAUTY Opus 2 Go. 

I always bring NION BEAUTY Opus 2 Go when I'm travelling. Weeheee~

To get a smooth, clean, and glowing skin is everyone's dream. The important step to keep a good healthy skin is that you cleanse well you skin and keep it hydrated and moisturizes. With a help from a good device this might make you cleansing session much easier. I hope you find my review helpful!

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