Monday, September 17, 2018

Kate Tokyo Secret Skin CC Base Zero | review

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In my previous post, I mention about KATE Tokyo Powdery Skin Maker Foundation and now I want to share about Kate Tokyo Secret Skin CC Base Zero which also known as primer. Apply a good primer will help you to get that great base for your foundation. Thus, I'm using this primer along when I'm applying the KATE Tokyo Powdery Skin Maker Foundation. Some people may not find that apply a primer is not necessary but if you try to add this step before applying foundation you'll find a huge different if your foundation finishing.

I love when products comes in a tube type! same goes with this CC Base, where it comes in a black packaging in a tube type. This is more convenient to bring a long during travel.

Code: EX-2
Net weight: 25 g 

This is how small the size of the tube which is good because we can control the amount we need. Applying primer can help to get a smooth and minimize the appearance of fine lines and pore. It also will help to evens your skin tone. If you wear a good primer it may also help to your makeup stays all day long. Just make sure to get a good primer that suitable for your skin type and conditions. 

This primer is special because it has beauty-up pearl powder that contains mica, titanium oxides, ferric oxides and tin oxides. It is also Fragrance free!

It is a green color primer which is mainly to cover redness on the skin and even up the skin tone. This primer also claims to covers pore visibility and brightens the skin. This will help to improve skin complexion when applying foundation. 

After moisturizer & sunscreen, I apply Kate Tokyo Secret Skin CC Base Zero as primer. 

Overall, I find that this Kate Tokyo Secret Skin CC Base Zero is pretty good to even out my skin tone. The green colour base helps to correct the redness on my skin. It is easy to apply and blend smoothly on my skin. It does help to brightens up my skin tone and give slight covers to any blemishes I have on my skin. Thanks to the “Beauty Up Pearl" ingredients, it helps to enhances my skin tone. In term on pore visibility, I'm not really sure because I still can see my pore but maybe it helps to blur it out from far sight. Maybe! Hehehee. Since I have a sensitive skin, so this primer sometimes makes my skin react weirdly. Not every time but sometimes. I’m not sure if it cause my the primer or the environment or maybe my skin is super sanative! Hehehee.

Price: RM44 +-
Availability:  Any leading pharmacy like Watsons or Guardian, Hermo and others. 

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