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L'oreal Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation - 140 Golden Beige | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last few weeks I give a try to the L'oreal Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation where I think it is kinda among rave foundation on the drugstore. What catch my eyes about this foundation that it is calim to be 24H long wear foundation. Well, I never wore 24 hours of foundation because I need to pray (solat) and event I'm on "cuti" (period)  the maximum time I'm wearing foundation probably 8-10 hours. Maybe they just want to emphasize that this foundation is a long wear foundation thus, they put 24H. Maybe... Heee

This is how L'oreal Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation looks like. I like the packaging and I have nothing to fight or comment about the packaging. L'oreal Paris is a popular makeup brand in drugstore but it is a little bit pricey for a drugstore products if you compare with other drugstore brands. But I have no issue if the product pricey but good. 

They claim that this foundation resist it all for total coverage and all-day comfort. L'oreal Infallible 24H Foundation by L'Oréal Paris is a high coverage longwear foundation that hides the appearance of fatigue and blemishes. Now with Hydrating Hyaluron Complex the 24H non-stop formula stays on and feels fresh from day to night. <- This is what they claim.

It comes in a pump type. Just the right packaging for foundation. That's why I mention ealier I have no argue regarding the packaging. 

Plus, the pump are easy to be use and it functioning well. When I pump, it come out with the amount of foundation that I need. Means one pump can be use for the whole face. Good job L'oreal Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation. I loike the packaging idea.

This is what L'oreal Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation claim can do
L’Oréal Makeup Designer/ Paris breaks through the foundation frontier by bringing to you the 24H high coverage, long wear foundation! Its 24H non-stop formula stays on and feels fresh from day to night. Sweatproof, humidproof and non-comedogenic.

This is the color of the foundation. - 140 Golden Beige. I'm glad this shade match my skin tone. 

Color: Actually, I'm pretty afraid that the color does not suitable with my skin tone but thank goodness it match pretty well with me. Because to choose the right foundation color with you skin color is important. You don't want to look to bright or dark at the same time. Get the color match with your skin tone. 

Texture: I can consider that this foundation is one of foundation with lightweight texture. It does not feel heavy when I apply it. It blends well and easy. Most importantly, it is suitable for my oily-combination and sensitive skin type. Not cakey at all and somehow this foundation have the scent of something fragrance. But I read somewhere before, it is best for you not to do multiple application or it will turns out cakey. Best to apply with one layer and cover the rest of blemishes with concealer. let's play safe here. Hehehee

This is how the foundation itself on my skin. Pretty nice coverage right. 

Coverage:  I can say the coverage for this foundation is medium yet build-able for higher coverage. I don't put to much hope on this foundation because I heard somewhere before that this foundation does not works good on them but surprisingly, when I wear it and I ask my sister she said it looks good on me. Means it cover pretty well as you can see in the picture above. With only one pump, it can cover pretty well and my skin look settle. Loike !

Finishing/Longevity: It have dewy finishing and as you can see for the picture above, it does not get patchy or cakey at all. it last on my skin up to 7-8 hours (I rarely wear makeup more than 8 hours thus, I'm not sure either it can last longer than that). Just to inform that I tend to sweat a lot especially on the face area and that does not bother the foundation and the foundation sit still on the skin. Fuhh! Thank goodness. 

My full makeup on using L'oreal Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation. I think I'm kinda like the result of using the foundation so far. I will keep on using it for now and will update you back if there is thing that I need to update. 

Price: RM76.90
Availability: Any Leading Pharmacy or Supermarket that carry L'oreal Brand. 

I hope you find my review helpful. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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