Sunday, February 25, 2018

Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Matte Tint | swatches

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

A swatches post for Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Matte Tint. It is a tint but comes in matte finishing that can be use for lip and cheek. Practically 2-in-1 product. Baby Bright is a brand under Karmart, one of cosmetics distributor and mainly known at Thailand and currently growing through out Asia. You can find several different products under Karmart like Cathy Doll, Jejuvita, Crayons and others including Baby Bright. 

Let's get back to the real deal which is Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Matte Tint. As you can see I got all the shade from this range and I'm quite excited about it because every time I got the whole range of the lipsticks I feel like my collection is complete. Wuuhuu. (you know what I mean. Heee..) Talk about the packaging, it comes in a small tube with white cap cover and have applicator. It looks like the same as any other liquid lipstick but mini version.

This is what I mean when I say more like a mini version. Just cute to carry along in handbag. 

It have delicate and soft texture for lip tint product. Lip Tint normally will last quite long as it stay as stain on the lip some goes to this lip tint but it has matte finish. The pigmentation is good for a lip tint of course you cannot compare it to the matte liquid lipstick as this lip tint will transfer but the color will stay as stain on the lips. This lip tint contains Dictopterris extracts from brown seaweed and contains Astathansin extracts from Red Seaweed help lip moisture and smooth. 

Baby Bright Lip Cheek Matte Tint comes in 10 different shades from nude, coral, pink and red. 

The swatches of Baby Bright Lip Cheek Matte Tint 

01 Peach Me
02 Rose Bloom
03 Deep Sea Coral
04 Spiced Coral
05 Just Peach
06 Pink Carnation
07 French Kiss
08 Calypso Coral
09 Hot Coral
10 Jam Red

I'm still in the middle to trying and play around with this Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Matte Tint. So far I'm kinda like it and my favorite color for now is 05 Just Peach, FOR NOW. Will keep on play around with it more. I guess I will end up lovin' all the colors. Hehehee..

Till then, xoxo

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  1. Hi sis. Tahan lama x kiranye after makan tanggal ke x. Tq btw nice review 😊

    1. Hi dear, it last around 3-4 hours on my lips. AFter makan normally it will fade off. Hope this helps :)

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    1. You can get this at Play Up Advance, Fahrenheit 88, KL dear.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm not sure the actual price but it retails below RM30.