Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Lombok Travelogue: [DAY 3] Night life at Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

After done with the snorkeling and stuff we went back to our Villa and get some rest and freshen-up a little bit. At night, as usual, we will think where should we go for dinner...... (probably the hardest question to answer)

Since, that night was our last night at Gili Trawangan, we would like to spend our time wisely. Means that we will enjoy every last moment at Gili Trawangan. Therefore, after dinner, we will go for a sightseeing around Gili Trawangan. Let's appreciate every moment here. 

Someone make a surprise for me ! Thank you love..
Since my birthday is around month of April someone make a little surprise for me.. Eheee~ .He buy a cake for me that night. I know it is only one slice but I'm still happy because I'm really surprise that time. To be honest, I didn't expect anything from him because I'm not that type of girl who always want a surprise and stuff. I'm just okay with whatever it is as long as I'm happy (but perempuan mana yang tak happy kalau dapat surprise kan.. Ngeehee). I got a taste of Lombok cake okeh ! It taste quite different from the regular cake. I think maybe because of the water source of the place and also their own recipe. Thanks love !

 Here come our meal for that night and Cik Biah there really happy. Hehehee..

Like, please understand our excited-ness. Hahahaa

The view at night. It is actually look better in person.

This is their market. Where you can get fresh seafood here.

Gili Trawangan street

Ohh my face.. 

we're enjoy our night live band. We're sing along and just having fun as others as well. 

we also enjoy the fire performance that night.

I know that there's not much picture to show but we're really enjoy every moment that night. Practically at night, the most happening area is only around the beach area as other place probably at silent already. I'm actually miss the moment at Lombok. I'm definitely gonna repeat this trip again.

Okay, I will continue my Lombok Travelogue story...

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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