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ID.AZ DERM Premium Face Mask | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Ever since I found that my skin show good changes after I keep on using masker in my night time routine, I've been loving to pamper my skin with facial mask. Recently I get to try a premium face mask from ID.AZ Dermastic Mask a brand from ID Pla Cosmetics, a company that studies the facial shape and cosmetics. Their main idea is to take care of sensitive skin. Ohh my! This is what I need. Because my skin are so sensitive and acne-prone too. Sobbsss T_T

I got to try this 3 premium facial mask from ID.AZ Dermastic Mask which is their Golden, Water and Bright mask. I'll show and explain to you one-by-one.. Let's begins~

   ID.AZ DERMASTIC Mask - Water   

Well, every skin need water! This is what basically what ID.AZ Dermastic Mask - Water for. It is a hydrating mask that helps to improve rough and dry skin. Which I think everyone need! This facial mask provide for deep moisture and collagen to your skin. Moisturizing is important and this mask is just for you. It feels like you're giving a drink to your skin after the long day of working. 

Price: RM12.90 

It contains super hydrating ingredient for skin that is Marine Water Collagen from deep sea water, marine collagen, and hyaluronic acid. The ingredient is powerfully moisturizing. It also helps for soothing skin and calming. 

This is how the facial sheet looks like. It is definitely different from any regular facial mask out there as it has a net to ensure the moisture retain in the mask sheet and it is super skin fit that fit your face shape nicely. The essence for this mask comes in a clear water like. 

This is me wearing the facial mask.

This is best for those who want some "water" for their skin. I mean hydration. Hehehee. This is good as it keep you skin feel moisturize. Suitable for sensitive skin as it is created and design with optimum researched by the professional. Keep your skin moist and lustrous with ID.AZ Dermastic - water. The ingredients in this facial mask will delivers genuine and moisturizing substance to your skin. 

My verdict: It is a tight skinny fit mask that fit to my face shape easily. I'm quite surprise actually because it does fit my face shape nicely. Normally when I wear mask the mask must not-so accurately to my face shape but this mask quite amaze about the face design. I do feel refresh and rejuvenate after using this mask and I can tell that it delivers instant moisturizing to my skin. 

   ID.AZ DERMASTIC Mask - Bright   

For those who looking for facial mask that can help in brighten your skin tone this is for you and it helps to improve your skin -tone. To be honest, every time I bought a facial mask, I also pick the one that have brighten function as I want my skin tone become more even-out. It has pearl and berry ingredient that also powerful not only for brightening but also for moisturizing. The pearls help to provide the brightening effect and berries helps to lightening the skin tone. What a perfect duo! 

Price: RM12.90 

The ingredients in this facial mask is peral, hyaluronic acid, green tea, licorice, witch hazel, raspberry, blueberry, and trehalose. This ingredients popular for brightening purpose and also moisturizing.

This is how the mask sheet looks like. it is a micro-fiber sheet. It is thick (compare the the water-mask sheet) and  soft on the skin. I give delivers the result immediately with no irritation. The essence for this mask comes in milky white form/color. 

On the second night I tried their Bright mask. 

This ID.AZ Dermastic Mask - Bright is suitable for this who need to brighten up their skin tone and make it even-out. Also suitable for those who have bad or dark complexion (like me!). This is suitable for you to keep your skin bright and moisturize at the same time.

My verdict: I love how it feels when I put this mask on. The mask sheet does feel a bit thick compare to the Water version but I don't find it bother-some as it still fit my face shape easily and I feel like it hold the essence much more. They claimed that it can help to brighten your skin tone instantly but it does not do that to me. Or maybe I just couldn't see the exact result on my face. But my skin definitely feel much more hydrated after used this mask.  

   ID.AZ DERMASTIC Mask - Golden   

This is the mask that I've been waiting to try. It is ID.AZ Dermastic Mask - Golden. It is a luxurious mask and popular among dermatology for skin treatment as the good effectiveness. This is the hydro-gel sheet that elastic and you can easily apply this on your face. It is claimed that it is made from real gold and honey that hold the power of nourishing. You can feel the golden aura with luxurious care when apply this mask. 

Price: RM19.90 

The ingredients of gold and honey not only make your skin feel nourishing treatment but also delivers a luxurious feeling and leave skin glittery and glamorous at the same time. Other ingredient that also include in this mask are royal jelly, propolis, red ginseng
collagen, ceramide, aloe, panthenol. 

This mask have 2 parts, 

This is how the gold Hydro-gel looks like
It is sticky and elastic hydrogel mask that fit my face shape nicely. The sticky hydrogel sticks closely to skin and kinda lifts sagging skin area. 

 I'm using ID.AZ Dermastic Mask - Golden. 

ID.AZ Dermastic Mask suitable for those who want to feel like having luxurious expensive skin care like at any other professional clinic/dermatologist but you have no time or maybe extra penny. This is special skin care for those who need something glow and keep your skin nourish. 

My verdict: I do feel luxurious when apply this masker on my face. Well, to be honest, I'm quite excited because I never try any gold mask before. The moment I apply it, I can feel the tingling-effect on my skin. It feel like something reacted with my skin. AT first I'm quite worries because I'm afraid that this mask not suitable for my skin or causing irritation but it doesn't! My skin totally feel fine and nourish after that. 

Overall, I really like this premium Facial mask from ID.AZ Dermastic. I do feel like a premium care when I'm wearing this mask. You can get this masker I mention at any Watsons outlet. 

let's pamper our skin~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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