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SHEKKU New Face Duo Stick & Shekku Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick | review

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Everyone dream to have a flawless and glowing skin but there's several factor that make our skin react differently because it is depends on our environment. weather, genetic and hormone (mainly for women). Not only that, the way we eat also influence our skin condition. To have blackheads and whiteheads is a common problems for everyone. Blackheads and whiteheads is like a small bumps on your skin due to clogged on your pore. If you don't remove it or take action it will lead to serious acne problem (like me T_T). 

Recently I discover one Blackheads Stick Remover, This kinda blackheads stick remover is quite popular at South Korea because it is easy and not painful. The one I try called SHEKKU New Face Duo Stick (black packaging). Shekku is a brand from Korea and currently growing in Malaysia, They aims to bring affordable quality skin care products to everyone. On top of that, I also get to try Shekku Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick (rose gold packaging)

 SHEKKU New Face Duo Stick 
I know that Blackhead stick is quite trendy in Korea as it helps to removes blackheads and whiteheads. I'm really curious how does this blackhead stick really works. Because previously I remove blackhead using the blackhead strip whereit is quite hurt when you try to strip it but the result really good (depends on what brand on the blackhead strips).

This is how the Shekku New Face Duo Stick looks like. It comes in a 'chubby' stick with black packaging. This stick have 2 side where one side is for the blackheads stick remover and the other side is ice pore stick.

Price: RM149

Blackhead Stick Remover
The side for blackhead stick remover, it have like black "dot do" with scrub feels to it. It have the scrub texture thus it also reduces sebum secretion and provide deep cleansing. Shekku New Face claimed that New Face Duo Stick can helps to removes blackheads and whiteheads where also provides deep cleansing to your pore area. Well, this is definitely my concern because clog pore can cause serious acne problem to me. I really like the idea of this blackhead remover. As you can see in the picture it comes in a 'cubby' stick form that is easy to use and travel friendly I guess. Other than that, It also help on improves the outermost layer of the epidermis. It is not only cleansing but it also helps to tightening your pore.

This is how I used The Blackhead Stick remover.

Ice Pore Stick
This is the ice pore stick where you need to apply after remove the blackheads and whiteheads for tighten the open pores and soothes skin area. I is made from Iceland glacier water where it can creates an icy feeling when apply it. I like this ice pore stick because you know that it is important to soothe your skin again after harsh/scrub contact to your skin as it helps to tighten the open pore. If you not take care of the pore area after scrub it may lead to serious problem. This ice pore stick also helps to reduces puffiness of the face and make your skin look more fresh. 

 I apply ice pore stick to soothe and cooling effect on the open pore.

 . At first I'm a bit confuse on how to use it but turns out is is simple as ABC.

1. wet your nose/pore area (preferable with warm water)
2. apply/rub the blackhead stick on desired spot (do a circular motion)
3. When sufficient foam has formed, massage gently and rinse with clean water.
3. After cleaning wipe off any excess moisture
4. apply the PORE TIGHTENING ICE STICK on said spots
5. Pat lightly for the ingredients to be fully absorbed

*Tips: Keep the ice stick in the fridge for a cooling effect.

After a few weeks of trying this product I find it quite interesting and it is also have good scent. I never try any other blackheads stick before so I don't know how to compare but for my personal opinion and first impression on this is that it does remover the blackheads after a few times of usage. Means you need to use this at least twice a week. It won't completely clean all the blackheads right away, it depends on how frequently we do it and also our skin condition. After 3-4 time of usage I find that my nose area is more smooth and soft. To complete the step you need to apply the Ice Pore Stick which function as to soothe your pore area and create icy feeling.

SHEKKU Chu Chu Tone Up Sun Stick 
Rather than have clean pore, it is also important to keep your skin protected from direct sunlight because that also will lead to skin damage. Please protect or cover your skin before going out.

This is how Shekku Chu Chu Tone Up Stick looks like. it also comes in a 'chuuby" stick with rose gold packaging that exudes elegance and class. This is basically a sunscreen that comes in a stick form with brushes on the other side,

Price: RM149

Tone Up Sun Stick
On the inside you can see the stick form of sunscreen with a cute pastel pink star on to of it.  It consist of 7 types of vitamins that helps immediately lighten up skin tone give the skin look bright. The main idea of this stick is for sunscreen yet give a light cover to your skin. They claim that this stick will readjust skin tone appropriately and giving your skin a natural dewy look.

I'm applying the tone up sun stick on my face. You just need small amount and spread it nicely. Don't apply too much. 

This is how the brush looks like it is soft. But for me, it is take time to spread the stick using the brush instead I just use my hand to spread in on my face nicely. 

I use the brush to spread the product nicely. 
But like I mention before, I end up using my hand. Eheee~

1. Apply the tone up sun stick on your face
2. spread and even-out the product using the brush 

Overall, I think I'm gonna use this more in future as it is a sunscreen with a light coverage that goes nicely for daily routine (especially when I'm going to work). More like BB cream version with sunscreen. The packaging is portable when you can bring along for touch-up purpose. I notice that after I apply this my skin do look more brighten and glow effect but I need to blend it well so it look.  Like they mention that every girl deserves to own the nude makeup look like Korean girls (or boy)

They also mention that with Shekku’s products, everyone would be able to have clear and healthy skin, and shine confidently! In conjuction with the Christmas and Holiday season, They have Christmas Promo where if you buy SHEKKU NEW FACE + SHEKKU CHU CHU for  RM249 only with free shipping.

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