Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kopi Hijau Alana

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Have you heard of GREEN COFFEE before? Because I haven’t!
I was familiar with green tea but not green coffee. Maybe I’m just not a fan of coffee. Ngeeheee.. If you been following me from the beginning you probably know that I’m not crazy over coffee because I usually get trouble to sleep if I drink coffee. Last few weeks I try the popular green coffee from Alana. You can hear their advertisement all over the radio with tag line “Kopi Hijau Alana”. At first I didn’t show any interest of it but one day I give it a try and surprisingly this coffee match with my taste bud.

This is how Kopi Hijau Alana looks like. of course it comes in a green box. hee~

What's make green coffee is different than the normal coffee?
Green coffee is basically a non-roasted coffee beans and it contains high nutritional ingredients. Green Coffee Bean is among the most effective ingredients as it can stimulate body metabolism. Green coffee beans have become the latest trend in slimming products. Coffee beans consist of 250 kinds of natural ingredients, some of these natural ingredient will give benefit on our body health.The main function to lose weight/slimming is to increase blood circulation and metabolism in a very short period of time. Therefore, it is able to achieve the effects of fat burning fast.

1 box contain about 15 sachet (each sachet 20gm)

This is how one sachet (20gm) looks like. 
You can consume 1 sachet every morning. 
Because this will help to give you energy and make you feel fresh to start up your day. 

Kopi Hijau Alana contains 100% organic green coffee with various great ingredients such as Habbatus Sauda (black seed), Chia Seed, and Pure Goat Milk. 

- Green Coffee: most effective ingredients as it can stimulate body metabolism. One criteria to lose weight is high metabolism and this how the green coffee works. 

- Black Seed: it is an antibacterial that able to control diabetes or diabetes. Very effective in lowering blood sugar levels. Helps in stabilizing sugar levels in the body and can enhance the immune system.

- Chia seeds: one of the most potent natural treatments. The yeast layer of chia seed that is formed when exposed to liquids can also prevent blood sugar spikes.

- Goat Milk: is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, lactose, nitrogen, calcium, iron, phosphorus and protein

Pour 1 sachet of Kopi Hijau Alana in the cup of hot water(drinkable-hot) and stir it well. 

Benefit of Alana Kopi Hijau:-
- Helps to stabilize blood pressure
- Improve body metabolism
- Helps in burning fat (lose weight)
- Energy booster
- Body become more energetic and fresh
- Good for digestive system
- Remove toxins in the body

When you stir the coffee this is how the color turns out. It is light in color compare to the normal coffee you have. I usually make this coffee in the morning at my workplace. I’m enjoying my coffee while doing my works. 

The changes that I notice the most is that I don’t feel sleepy anymore. Because previously I get sleepy easily and at noon I tend to sleep on my lunch-time but after I drink Kopi Hijau Alana in the morning, I don't feel sleepy anymore. I can enjoy my lunch as normal and I feel more energetic and fresh! #serioustalk

The taste of this coffee also good. There’s not much the bitter part and also the smell is not as strong as how usually coffee should taste/smell like. Woahh, I think this could be a substitute/alternative for those who not a fan of coffee yet still want to drink coffee (like me). 

They also claim that Alana Kapi Hijau can help you burn fat or lose weight ! Wahhh.. Minum kopi boleh kurus, best nyaaa! Because green coffee can stimulate body metabolism fast which also referring fast effect of fat burning. But this will be more effective with the daily healthy food intake and regular exercise. Since I only drink this for a few week I couldn’t see the result on me yet. Ngeee.. But I'm really looking forward to that result very soon.

RM42.90/1box - semenanjung Malaysia
RM52.90/1box - sabah/sarawak

Tokoh Jamu or Alana stockist.
Website :
Facebook :
Contact: 6018-355 7010 (ika) / 6018-236 6332 (ema)

Overall, I really like this coffee. Thanks to Kopi Hijau Alana because now I can drink coffee as my energy booster every morning. This coffee is safe for men and women to drink. Makesure you give it a try yahh~

Till then, xoxo

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  1. rasa berbaloi minum bila tgk khasiat kopi ni yg bgus.. :)

    1. Itu laaa.. Pika dari tak minum kopi boleh pulak minum kopi hijau Alana ni.. Shedapp

  2. Bahan-bahan yang digunakan memang bagus. Boleh la amalkan hidup yang sihat selepas ini