Thursday, September 07, 2017

Foodies: The Glass House Damansara

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Normally people will say that "A cup of Coffee to complete my day" but NOT ME! Hahahaa. I'm not a coffee person. I more like a Chocolate and Tea Person. Because I can't stand with coffee. If I happen to drink coffee it is hard for me to sleep at night. Some people may immune to this but not me. Hahahaa. If I drink coffee I cannot sleep even-tho my body really tired! Since I have experience  that before, I tend to avoid drinking coffee because my sleep time is MORE PRECIOUS! Hahahaa.

Anyway, speaking about coffee, I happen to find a good place for any coffee/tea lover who love to "lepak" and "santai";. The place is located at Damansara Perdana and it is called as THE GLASS HOUSE DAMANSARA. 

This place is basically a good place for photo! To be honest, you can snap a beautiful photo here. For those who love "hipster" photo on the instagram, take your chance!


Pandan Gula Melaka Cake.
This cake actually were recommend by the owner of the shop. So I give it a try and it is delicious! I love it. I don't know that this cake happen to be a quite "viral" cake that time. But sincerely good!

Hot Green Tea 
Taste like green tea ofcourse! Hahahaa. Nicely made. Love the design.

Chocolate Cake
I don't know the actual name but its a chocolate cake that take like chocolate which is sweet+bitter. Suitable for chocolate lover.

Lemonata Drink
As my final drink to complete the Tea-time session. SEDAPPP. Never try this before but good.

**I left one thing that is Chocolate drinks. Not picture of it I terus minum je. Hahahhaaa.. 

With themmm! Femes-femes people..
We spend some time getting know each other (ice-breaking session) and play games. 

Attempt for OOTD but the sunlight not really helping butttt STILL NICE!

I find that this place suitable for tea/coffee session. Not for those who hungry for food yahh. Because they selling mostly drinks and desserts only. For those who want to taste an up-to-date desserts and drink you can give THE GLASS HOUSE DAMANSARA a try! In term of price, I need to be honest it is a little bit pricey maybe because of the quality and environment of the place. But worth to try if you someone who don't mind to spend a little bit for a good drinks and desserts. The service also good and friendly. They are more than happy to help you to snap a photo, so don't shy to ask that.  The place also paint in white which perfect for "hipster" photo on instagram.
Any coffee/tea lover here?

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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