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Lizly What A Lovely Eyeshadow Palette | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Remember this post HERE where I show you guys that I'm going to do a review about this palette which takes on January and now it already August! Hahahhahaa. I've been keep this post in draft for sooo long and this is the time for me to share my opinion about this cutie eyeshadow palette. I know about Lizly brand thanks to OMG! I discover a lot of good and afforadble brand there. You have to check them out. But this one I got lucky and win from a giveaway. weheee~

The packaging is simply sleek and transparent where you can see the eyeshadow colors directly without even open the case. The packaging is compact where it does not used so much space for design or pattern which I like and the amount for each eyeshadow quite a lot too. The case is actually come in a small pattern and it is travel friendly where you can bring along during your travel. I bring this along with me when I'm travelling a lot of time. Not only because the packaging is small and compact but it also come it various beautiful color. 

Check out real closer of each color in the packaging. SHOOOOOO NICEEEE!
In this Lizly What A Lovely Eyeshadow consist of 6 different colors that I think everyone gonna love it! This hue color in this palette define me very well. I really love it. It has a combination of brown, pink, plum,gold and gold. Wahhhhh~

The swatches for this eyeshadow palette. 
The color is awesome!  

Lovely Girl: Is more like cream color with shimmer finish. I used this color for my brow bone and inner corner of the eyes and sometime I even used this color as my cheek highlight. Basically this is a base eyeshadow color. 

Lovely Love: The color is more pink but not to pink. I can say that the color is more like coral pink instead. It has shimmer finish to it. Very nice to used as day-time makeup and sweet look. One thing I need to highlight about this color it is special because the shimmer is actually gold color. Means that the base color is coral pink with gold-ish shimmer. 

Lovely Heart: The main reason why I want this palette is because of this color here. It is like a deep plum color that mesmerizing. I used this a lot and some time I put this on my eye crease and sometime I use this color alone to whole over my eye-lid. As simple as that. 

Lovely Day: The only shade that has matte finish. It a light brown color and I'm not really fan of this light brown because I practically give me nothing on the eye maybe because it match my skin tone very well. But if I need like natural-day look I go for this color but not very fan of this color because I love brown and deep brown chocolate kinda color instead. 

Lovely Sunset: a golden color that surprise me when I swatch this on. Fuhh~ The color sooo pretty and stunning. For a gold eyeshadow I find that this is quite briliant color. Impressed me becasue I didn't expact this color will turns out so beautiful. Thumbs Up!

Lovely Night: It is a bronze brown color and have shimmer finish. You can used this as crease color but for me I find this colors pretty to apply on it own. You simply apply this to whole over your eyelid and it pop-out pretty nice. 

This is how it looks like on my eyes. In this look I used mostly the gold, plum and cream color. At that time, I wanted to create a makeup look for Gong XI Fat Chai theme. Hehehee.. Since that time is holiday and I'm doing nothing so I play with makeup and use this Lizly What A Lovely Eyeshadow Palette. The texture for each eyeshadow is buttery feel which is good. 

One thing I need to highlight about this eyeshadow platte is that the color will pop-out nicely if you apply using finger than using brush. But if you used brush to apply this eyeshadow you might need to working on the a little bit extra to get the color pop-out. The best is to apply eye primer first to ensure the color stay quite long because if I'm apply this eyeshadow, the color tend to fade away if I'm not wearing any eye primer. Other than that, this eyeshadow works wonderful !

Price: RM84 (after discount RM41)

I hope you like my review and find it helpful for you!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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