Monday, July 03, 2017

What I Wear: Brown Orange Shuhada Kurung HH

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

" No Beauty Shines Brighter Than a Good Heart "

What I Wear:-
Scarf: Scarfbucks
Baju Kurung: Hijriahome
Handbag: Aqraa
Toe: Polo

Keep it simple and beautiful for Hari Raya this year with Shuhada Kurung from Hijriahome. This is Hijriahome Raya Collection for 2017.  OMG! I just like how simplicity this baju kurung really is. You still can bergaya on Hari Raya yet you also can use Shuhada Kurung again for daily wear either going to office or classes. This is a modern kurung that has sleek modest cut with flared sleeves. The detailing on the sleeve what make this Shuhada Kurung more pops-out. The color is pretty enough more like a brown orange.The material is Como crepe which is comfortable and not-see-thru. This Shuhada Kurung is Wudhu' Friendly with Zippered Sleeves and Front nursing with zip 14" zip. Another thing about this baju kurung is that is have one hidden pocket which you can put some of your duit raya maybe. Hehehee. For the skirt the cutting is loose mermaid cut and have full elastic waist parts. LOVE IT! 

 Till then, xoxo

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