Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Haul: Unboxing PEEK-A-BOX July Edition

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

After a long hour at work, school or home life, these products will help relax and unwind! Introducing PEEK-A-BOX July Edition. Just in case you never heard about PEEK-A-BOX before, it is a beauty box where normally they offering about 4 - 5 "surprise" beauty treats for you every month. Any beauty Junkie out there you'll definitely want this beauty box as it normally consist of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, hair care and other beauty stuff either international brand and even our homegraound brands.  I know this kinda Beauty Box are very well-known in the USA & UK but this time we have PEEK-A-BOX here in Malaysia and also Brunei. Wuhuuuu~

This is how the box looks like. Isn't it pretty!!
It is basically works like a mini magazine where it also comes with a beauty read contain information on each product of the month. PEEK-A-BOX magazine-like-sampling-beauty feature is a little bit different where brands of products based on the theme created every month.

 Each month PEEK-A-BOX will create a theme to make the beauty box more interesting to the subscribers and they also invited different brands to be featured in the beauty box as well. 

For PEEK-A-BOX July Edition, They have a Top-To-Toe box that featuring Dayah Bakar (Malaysia TV Host) as the icon.

Without any further due, I'll show you what I got in this PEEK-A-BOX July Edition. 

 Libresse On-The-Go Kit 
This is feminine care brand which I think quite popular in Malaysia. It is a special collaboration with Libresse for the Let's Get Real campagin. I personally love this because I used Libresse when the times come (period). It is comfortable and the size is longer so that I feel more secure. Don't forget to check out Libresse Let's Get Real Campaign HERE

 Facebook: Libresse Malaysia

 The Soap Fable 
It is a homeground brand where they provide an organic homemade soap. I think they have some sort of different flavored soap for you to choose from. The main idea for this soap it that not only it is gentle to the skin but it will also keep your skin fresh and hydrate after using it. I find that this soap comes in a beautiful design. Can't wait to use it~

Instagram: @thesoapfable 

 Skin Malaysia Facial Steam 
At first I'm quite confusing about what is this for but when I read the description I find it quite interesting where it is actually an ingredient for you to steam-up you face as to keep your skin healthy and fresh. The ingredient in this Facial Steam are Rose Petals, Calendula Petals, Lavender Buds, Rosemary and Sweet Orange Essential Oil. How to use it? you only need to 2 cups of boiling water in one container and put the ingredient in it. After that, cover your head with towel to steam your face for about 5-7 minutes. Woah! I'm excited to give this s try this weekend as to pamper myself. 

 Skin Malaysia Healer Stick 
I know most of us don't really take a good care of our feet but now you can try this Skin Malaysia Healer Stick as to heal and moisturize your cracked heels part. Do not ignore the most serviced part of your body tho. It is the best remedy for you to restore the heel conditions. It contains an active ingredient that include Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Palma Rosa Essential Oil and Vitamin E.

Instagram: @hey.skin 

 MIDCosmetics Sexy Light Lip Matte (Candice) - RM32 
It is vegan and cruelty free cosmetics which also a local brand from Malaysia. I got mine in shade Candice which describe as a Hot Pink Barbie-Doll kinda color. It claims to be a creamy and velvety liquid lipstick with a super pigmented for a long lasting used. It also can be used as an eyeliner! Wuuhuu~ Time to create a colorful eyeliner features. 

Instagram: @mid.cc

So let's revitalize our mind, body and soul with all the products from PEEK-A-BOX July Edition. Indulge yourself by subscribe for the beauty box now! Get 5% discount when purchasing (while stocks lasts) by using coupon code syafiqahhashimxpeekabox 

Get your PEEK-A-BOX now at:

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